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A sample of Chapter One of It's Never Too Late

Opening the door, Chloe wondered why Mike hadn’t put the lights on. He was definitely home as his van was parked outside the house. It was mid November and at 6pm it had long since grown dark. Taking off her hat and shaking out her hair she switched on the hallway lamp. Her eyes were drawn to the wooden floor which was dusted with crimson rose petals.

She wanted to open her mouth to shout out to him, but found she couldn’t speak as her heart leapt into her throat. She followed the trail down the hallway and into the living room. She saw the candles first; you couldn’t miss them as every available surface held one. Then she looked at Mike, down on one knee in the middle of it all. It was then that she noticed that her favourite song “I’m Ready” by Bryan Adams played softly in the background.

She looked down at the ring that he held aloft. It was a beautiful solitaire diamond on a platinum band. It was the loveliest ring she had ever seen and yet, she couldn’t help but remember the first engagement ring she had received. But it wasn’t Mike that had given her that ring, it was Ben. That ring had been plain and in-expensive but she hadn’t minded. She had loved him so much that she would have happily worn a plastic one.

“Well then, will you?” Mike’s voice nervously interrupted her thoughts. She looked down at him one knee on the floor, his face flushed and his hand shaking with nerves. She did love him, very much. But he’d never be Ben.

“Of course I will,” she told him as he slipped the ring on her finger, “Of course.”
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