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by Ladi D
Rated: E · Chapter · Erotica · #1690735
Terra is falling in lust....with her boss!
Terra with her clothes finally on looked at the hand that had stopped her departure of the buisness office.  "What is it Mr. Antonides?" asked Terra.  "What do you mean what is it. We just shared each others bodies and here you are still calling me Mr. Antonides as if this were some kind of buisness arrangement. Call me Manuel if you don't mind".  Manuel dropped her wrist to her sides and stared into those cat like gray eyes that seemed to be calling in for round two.  She had a flushed look on her face and maybe a smudge of regret. She folded her arms across her breast and sighed. "What is there to talk about Manuel? We have absolutely nothing to discuss. I wanted what you wanted and the way I see it we indulged in the moment. Clearly this is not what you want to talk about?" she asked.
    Manuel sighed with disbelief. They worked together therefore they had to talk about what just happened. He wanted to know was she okay because he felt that he had taken advantage of her.  "I just wanted to know that you were okay with what we just did. We work together and I don't want to mess with our good harmony that we have in the work place. Do you? I guess what I'm trying to ask is....."  She looked him square in the eyes and then she knew the question that he was trying to ask.  "No I had a wonderful time actually, the sex was good, I don't regret anything and yes I would like to do that again sometime. Does that take care of all the questions that were coming my way because if it does I would rather go home and take me a nice hot shower and go to bed. I'm busted, she replied matter of factly."  She slowly relaxed her defensive posture and started to head for the buildings nearest elevator. "See you tomorrow Mr. Antonides", Terra said. The only thing that Manuel could do was stare at the woman who made her way home. He was sure like hell that under that kind polite persona, Terra was indeed a whole lot of woman.

                The next day at work was one that was slow. Most people took the day off because of the holiday weekend, but since Terra had no plans for the Fourth Of July she decided that work was her best option.  Mr. Antonides, her boss was in one of his meetings and had actually extended an invitation to dinner tonight. She had told him that she would think about it when he had called last night nearly begging her to go out with him.  Damn that man for being unpredictable. The work day was half way over and it seemed that it had already ended. The halls were quiet, all the offices were empty except hers, and her thoughts were talking to her.  She took time out to try and consider the date with her boss as he had referred to their little outting to a dozen times over the call last night.  She really didn't have anything to lose because the date was after hours, and plus she needed to have fun and feel like person again. If she didn't go on this little outting tonight the only plans she had was to sit in front of the television and listen to Mo'Nique talk to famous celebrities talk about how much fun they had. Honestly she needed to get out and take pleasure in life and why not with Mr Antonides. Oh yeah he was her boss thats why. But wait he was only her boss at work not out on the town. Out on the town she was going to be his date and his bedmate.  She was taking that date, she was going to have a good time, and she was going to have some decent sex with her scrumptious boss.

              AS the work day finally came to a close Terra gathered her things together and begin to prepare to leave the office, but not without letting Manuel know her decision to go out with him tonight.  Terra put on her cashmere sweater and walked to Manuel's office, she then knocked on the door. "Manuel I decided to take your offer on that date".  She went in but no Manuel. She raised her eyebrows and was about ready to turn around until she saw a side of the wall open up like a secret passageway. What the hell was going on here. Whatever she had just walked in on she didn't want any part of it. She turned on her heel about ready to go out the door, but then she saw Manuel coming out the entrance and into his office in nothing but a towel.  He looked edible. His hair was wet and slicked back, beads of water slid down his washboard chest and into the unknown of his towel, and he wore male flip flops on his feet. He seemed to be at home.  Terra stood there with her mouth partially open shocked at what and who she was staring at. Throat dry she began to speak but before she could do that Manuel's tongue was lodged gently in her throat.  Naturally she kissed him back. He teased her with his tongue, nibbled her lips and pulled her close to his wet fresh body. She pulled away from the intoxicating kiss. She needed some answers.

"What are you doing here like this and why in the hell are you half dressed?" she sounded like his mother he thought.  He had the nerve to laugh at the shock on her face but he would save that laughter for another time.  "What do you mean, this is my building and my office I do what I want".  The expression on her face had grown into concern and disbelief, and then she began to relax her shoulders. Better. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound that way, but really whats going on, don't you have a home to go to like everybody else here? she asked.  Manuel continued to wring the rest of the water out of his wet hair with the towel.  "Yes I do have a home to go to, but since I have a very big home and I'm the only one going to it I thought I would sit here and get some more work done, he replied.  Terra breathed a long breath. "I came to accept your invitation for tonight or whatever night you were free, and then I was on the way out the door to dress".
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