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by Lexi
Rated: E · Monologue · Drama · #1691643
This monologue has a girl/boy that is alone and has to act fusterated at something. Act.
"In deepest sleep one night I dreamed that on a beach I walked. God was by my side each step and quietly we talked. Then on the sky my life was flashed; the visions serene. Two sets of footprints in the sand were there by every scene. But then I noticed in some scenes of suffering, pain and strife...Just a single set of footprints at the worst times in my life. 'God...You said you'd stay by me In good times and in bad...Why then did you leave me each time my life was sad?' 'My precious child' God answered, 'When your life had pain, I knew the single set of footprints were the times I carried you' "
Gail Brown, The footprints of God.

(Person walks on stage)

Why do I feel so alone?I mean, why is my best friend mad at me?

(Put's hands in the air, slams them to their side.Saying...)

What did I do wrong?I didn't mean it.It was a complete acciedent.I didn't do anything wrong...Or did I?I don't remember anything.

(Gets on knees softly shouting.)

God! I need your help! Please help me here!I need someone by my side!All I see is my own foot prints in this sand.Why aren't you here for me.

(Girl/boy stands angered, then stomps foot harshly against the ground)

Why did you leave me alone! I walk by myself in the pain and suffering!

(Person looks to the ground, notices a peice of paper in their shoe. Pulls out the paper and reads.)

'I never would leave you my child. That is when I carried you though the sand. Those are my footprints.'

(Pauses and puts the paper in their pocket and walks across the stage slightly.)

So...I was wrong about me walking alone.My Lord, my God, has carried me thought thick and thin. He is my God. The one I trust to be their for me. Even when I am all alone. He is always beside me.

(Walks off stage, smiling)
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