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Rodger has some weird beliefs about digesting food
Snow: Rodger, what is the most unusual thing about you and why?

Rodger: When I eat a meal, I eat each food items one at a time. I know this sounds boring, but there is a perfectly good reason. You see, I do not want my food get go into the wrong compartment in my stomach. In order for my food to get into the proper compartment, I have to consume each type of food one at a time.

Snow: How many compartments does your stomach contain?

Rodger: I am not sure; because I have trained my digestive system to create a new compartment every time I consume a new food item. At the last count, I had over four dozen compartments in my stomach.

Snow: Do these stomach compartments have names?

Rodger: Yes, I have a salad compartment. This compartment holds only green salads made with ordinary items. Salads that contain exotic ingredients such as chicken or some other type of meat does not go into this compartment. I have compartments specifically for different types of meats and salads with meats.

Snow: Rodger, you look like an ordinary human being and ordinary humans do not have several different compartments in their stomachs.

Rodger: Actually, Miss Snow, they do. At least, humans are born with several different compartments in the stomach to separate the food items. However, the way their parents teach them to eat, these compartment grow together after the age of three.

Snow: Really, I did not know that.

Rodger: You are not alone, Miss Snow, the majority of the human race is under the misconception that the human stomach is an organ without different food compartments. This is why most humans become ill, they are not careful about making sure that they digest each food item carefully and separately. Human being could live to be 900 or 1,000 years old if they digested their food properly. Fortunately, the situation is reversible if a person can learn the proper method of eating.

Snow: How is the rest of humanity supposed to learn the proper way to eat?

Rodger: I plan to show them how, if you will include me in a story about food. Would you be so kind as to include me in a story, Miss Snow?

Snow: I would love to include you in story, Rodger, but I would first like to know how you plan to reverse the problem?

Rodger: That is easy, since the human stomach evolved to have different compartment for each food item or type. A person has to focus on reacquiring those compartments by eating one food item a day for thirty days. I call it the thirty-day health restoration diet.

Snow: How does eating one food for thirty days help a person recreate compartment in the stomach?

Rodger: The first type of food reconditions the stomach so that it can begin reforming the different compartments. After the first thirty days a person, can eat two items one at a time for the next thirty days. After that, the person can return to eating several different foods one at a time.

Snow: So the diet is really a sixty-day diet.

Rodger: I guess you could say that, Miss Snow, will you write the story.

Snow: A story about a sixty-day health restoration diet sounds intriguing and difficult to write. This will take a few days to plot, Rodger. Do you mind waiting a few days?

Rodger: No, Miss Snow, because I have waited a long time to bring this problem and its cure to the public.

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