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by Amay
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When things are going wrong, isn't it wonderful to have someone believe in you.
The Mist

Angel stood at the edge of the clearing watching AB. He sat there, still in the morning mist. She knew what was going through his mind. It had been the same for the past few weeks. The fears and worries of the past were eating away at his confidence. It was breaking her heart, watching him go through this alone.

Angel kept saying the same things over and over. Her encouragements felt like an old broken record. She didn’t know what to say anymore. She longed to make everything better, but it really wasn’t in her power to do that.

AB’s path took a turn when company downsizing took his job. Lost and confused he didn’t know where to turn, or what to do.

Angel just hoped and prayed AB’s path didn’t lead him away from her. She continued to watch him. His breathing, smooth and steady, the muscles of his strong back, the way his hair curled at the bottom of his neck. She loved him so much. It was tearing her apart to see him hurting so. Angel closed her eyes and knew exactly what the look on his face would be. She’d seen it so many times, since he lost his job.

Quietly she walked up behind him, kneeled down and gently wrapped her arms around his chest. Angel laid her head upon his shoulder, breathing in his scent. Not saying a word, he knew she was there for him. Time stood still in the mist.

Softly she whispered, “It will be all right. Everything that has happened, sweetheart, has happened for a reason. This journey is just making a detour, and it we’ll end up where we are supposed to be soon. We need to be open to all of the possibilities accept the challenge and find what is right for us.”

AB’s hand reached up and gently stroked her face. His love for her was strong. His faith in her was secure. The bridges that had to be crossed, that was what worried him. He guided her to sit by his side and wrapped his arm protectively around her. “Our life is like this mist that is engulfing us. I can’t see what is out there. I can’t even see the paths, to know which one to take. All I do know is that with you, here with me, I feel that I can face anything.”

So Angel and AB sat in the mist, giving comfort to each other, talking softly as not to disturb the quietness of the fog that surrounded them. Each of them wanting to give the other the love and support that they so desperately needed.

As the sun began to warm the earth, the mist slowly began to rise. AB stood, taking Angel’s hand in his, and helped her up. Walking together, hand in hand, a new path was chosen, a path that they would face together.

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