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this is the second chapter named the battle begins reveiw it and tell me what you think
" Drawde nice to finally meet you in person, but your making a big mistake coming here and trying to take Emeralds and Khaos' powers with me here to stop you." Ruin said

" O, see thats why I came with backup meet Araik, Lust, Vlad, Jade, and Nathan." Drawde said. As he introduced his clan they took there hoods off.

" You may be well prepared with backup, but do you really think I wouldn't have some back up as well." As Ruin said that a big flash of white light came down and when the light was gone a group of people were standing in front of Ruin in white robes." Meet my clan Artemis, David, Christian, Nick, and Justin." Ruin said.

" Well I would like to stay and chat, but I have bigger plans and lots to do. Remember Ruin you won't be able to protect Emerald and Khaos for long just know the minute you aren't there I will get your powers." As Drawde ended a loud crack was heard and they were gone.

" We need to get you and Khaos out of here before they come back." Ruin said.

" Ruin where are we taking them?" David asked.

" I dont know but we have to go. David take Artemis and go find Hades. Nick and Justin go find out what Drawdes plan is. Me and Christian will go to our headquaters with Emerald and Khaos. Try not to get caught by any of the angelics." Ruin said.

As a multitude of white flashs went out through the house it slowly became empty. Suddenly footsteps were heard through out the house." So, the good guys split up interesting. Vlad and Jade go find David and Artemis and distract them. Lust and Nathan go kill Nick and Justin. And me and Araik will find the headquaters." Drawde said.

" Are you sure we took the right passage?" David asked.

" Yes i'm sure the map says this way." Artemis said.

" I would stay right where you are because I might have the urge to kill you." Vlad screamed.

" Vlad, we all know you can't kill an immortal." David said.

" I never said I was going to kill you David." As soon as Vlad finished his sentence Artemis punched him right in the face knocking him into a wall busting his head open then he turned to Jade.

" If you want to live take Vlad and leave!" Artemis screamed.

" How did you do that Artemis?" David asked.

" I don't know but its like my powers doubled, we must be getting close to Hades." Artemis explained.
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