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Evan, a popular high school football lineman, grows into magnificence!
Part Two
Under Expansion!

Evan was sprinting for the bus - well, moving as fast as any 600 pound guy can 'sprint'! The driving, hurried motion made sections of his enormous body jostle and bounce in various directions. He was late, he wasn't at the bus stop yet, so he was hurrying.

He heard the bus coming up behind him, and re-doubled his efforts; his sudden additional attempt at acceleration making his hefty lovehandles, generous gut, and fat-inflated pecs dance rhythmically about him. Suddenly the bus was beside him, slowing, and it halted just in front of him.

Evan stopped at the door, panting gently, then grabbed the railing to haul himself in. He twisted his enormous shoulders slightly to help get his arms in the door, but no amount of twisting would help his love handles slide through - they were now so wide that they rubbed on both side of the folding door, and turning would only mean that the front of his prodigious paunch would rub. "Last day of squeezing into this," remarked Evan to the bus driver as he pulled his 74 inch gut up the steps into the school bus.

"Can't have the school's fat guy late for his report card, can we?" chuckled the bus driver as the whole bus dipped gently under Evan's vast avoirdupois.

"Thanks!" said Evan, panting slightly from the exertion.

"Think nothing of it. Next year, ask them to put the stop closer to your house - I'll support your request. And if they put me on this route, I might even stop right at your house!" replied the driver.

As usual, Ashley was waiting for Evan in the second row. With the last hundred pounds Evan had gained, squeezing between the rows of seats to walk to the back of the bus had become difficult and time-consuming, so Ashley had moved up front to save Evan from the long walk to the back. Now that his gut was more than two feet wide, the tiny twenty inch aisle posed a challenge to Evan's girth every day! Ashley's backpack was full of food - a daily occurence - and no sooner had Evan planted his massive rump on the vinyl seat than Ashley placed a morsel in his hand. Then another. Then another...


One of the 'end of year' rituals at Central High is the final 'weigh-in' of the year for each student. On the last day, just before all students were to report to their homerooms for their report cards, long lines of students snaked through the gym, as the school nurse, the phys ed teachers and others rapidly weighed every student, and recorded their weight in the school's records.

For Evan, this year, Ashley and several friends had talked the school into letting them borrow a commercial freight scale, and the group had set it up - very publicly - at the front of the gym. To speed things, it served as the scale for one of the lines of students, though any student could choose one of the other lines if they wished privacy. However, the school's football team, its heavy weight wrestlers and powerlifters, and many of the schools' other bigger and fatter students deliberately chose the 'high capacity' line.

Evan waited in the special line until his turn came, then rumbled his bulbous bulk up to the special scale. He stepped on and... couldn't see the floor display past his substantial gut. Nor could he see the chest-high remote display either, though it wasn't part of his voluminous body that blocked that display; it was the crush of his fans around it.

"Oh, Evan, you weigh SIX hundred and TWO pounds!!" one of them exclaimed. Evan raised his mammoth arms above his head and clasped his thick hands in a victory sign, then yelled "Ya-HOO!" As he stepped off the scale he bounced on his toes once, making his tremendous gut rebound. "The BIG SIX-OH-OH!"

The school nurse, a wanna-be diet counsellor, winced noticeably at Evan's weight and antics, but many other students, especially his old football teammates and his 'groupies', crowded around to congratulate him. Some even rubbed his behemoth buddha belly for good luck!


Later that morning, with report cards in hand, the high school students streamed out of their classrooms, forming groups and loudly chatting and planning their summer adventures, all while heading out to celebrate the end of the year.

"C'mon, Evan," Ashley says, "they'll be waiting for us."

“I’m with you!” Evan replies. In tribute to this last day of Grade 10, Evan is wearing snug, low slung rugby shorts that encircle his giant waist below his overhanging gut, but ride high enough in the back to cover, no, highlight his abundant ass. Above the shorts a long, stretchy athletic polo skims and accentuates his mammoth curves. While Ashley darts ahead to see where her mother is parked, Evan trundles along behind, each swing of his massive tree trunk legs sending waves through his fat gut, each pounding impact of his hefty feet on the pavement making his fat thighs, fat gut, even his fat pecs bounce and shimmy.

He’s been looking forward to today, as Ashley and her friends have organised a beach party for the end of term, and the sun is shining brightly. Evan has heard that the football team may be turning up too, and with early dismissal on Report Card day, they’ll be at the beach for an early lunch...and a late lunch as well, if Evan knows Ashley. In fact, a continuous hours-long lunch, finishing off whatever will fit in the coolers. Evan’s got a supersized folding chair slung over one shoulder, a pair of swim trunks, some suntan lotion and his report card in his daybag, and is ready for what the sun and water at the beach may bring. He's expecting:




Beach volleyball, perhaps, with the football linemen.

Even touch football.

But most of all, eating.

Ashley’s mother is just a few spaces into the parking lot, and pulls forward as she sees Evan coming. He opens the sliding door and clambers in, his impressive mass making the van dip in tribute. He notes that the entire back of the van seems filled with coolers and beach gear. “Let’s go!” he says, as he clicks the double seat belt extender into place.

The mid-day traffic is light, until they approach the main parking lot at the beach. They start to circle, then Evan spots one of the seniors on the football team. He is, amazingly enough, holding a parking space open. He spots Evan through the windows of the van and waves them in.

"Can't have our biggest lineman wasting effort walking across the parking lot," he remarks, as Evan thanks him.

"I don't know if I'm a lineman anymore," Evan remarks.

"Oh, you're on our team for the summer," comes the reply. "First game is right here in an hour!"

Evan shoulders a couple of hefty coolers and his beach chair, and tows another cooler - topped by a beach umbrella and a gym bag - along the paved path to the beach. On the beach, a crowd from the school has taken over a huge area, and the football team is in the midst of it. What looks like a portable kitchen is being created out of all the gear being hauled in, not to mention tents for changing rooms.

Depositing the coolers near where Ashley's mother has stretched out a beach blanket, Evan opens up his folding chair, puts up the beach umbrella, then grabs his swim trunks and gym bag and heads for a changing tent.

By the time he's back, Ashley and her mother have got some sandwiches out, and Evan downs a few while sprawling in his mammoth new beach chair. Ashley found it for him on-line, and with its 'Half-ton' brandname stitched boldly on the backrest, Evan enjoys getting some sun on his big, bare chest.

Soon, though, one of the other football lineman is calling his name, and Evan grabs his football jersey and heads out to where they've marked a field in the sand. He doesn't need the jersey, though - when he gets there, with Ashley following, he finds they've assigned him to the 'skins' team of the shirts and skins game.

Ashley, of course, is delighted he's on the skins.... and fortunately, she's brought the suntan lotion. With the help of several other fans, Ashley quickly gets her big guy lotioned up for the game.

An hour of slow football - well, fast passes, but lots of slow running and tackles, and it's not clear which side is ahead. But that doesn't matter for most of those playing - and it surely doesn't matter for those watching their favourite behemoths 'running' on the soft sand.

Evan is catching his breath after some serious blocking when Ashley calls out from the sidelines, "LUNCH!"

Grateful, Evan chugs off towards the high school encampment they've created, to find several grills hard at work, and many burgers. Many burgers. Accompanied by much potato salad, bags and bags of chips, many sandwiches, and much else.

Evan, of course, makes steady work out of mountains of food.

Replete after a good lunchtime gorge, Evan stretches out on a beach blanket to nap and tan, while Ashley delights in feeling of his skin as she renews all that lotion.

An hour of relaxation, and then one of the seniors is calling for Evan to join the lineman's team playing volleyball! Evan initially bats him off. "Hey man, I'm still digesting!"

"But we need you!" comes the cry back from a couple of the team.

"Oh c'mon Evan," says Ashley, rising from her lounger, "volleyball is fun!"

"Fun for you to watch me, at least," retorts Evan, pushing hard with his mighty arms as he lifts his hefty self to the vertical.

Predictably, in a game between high school volleyball stars - think tall and lean - and highs school football lineman - think tall and hefty - the score ends up, well, lopsided - though not before some dramatic falls and collisions!

Man, if only the football biggins could play like they weigh! (At least for volleyball.) But the game ends in laughter and hugs, and the basketball team steps up to avenge the footballers loss. Sometime later, the powerlifters and the football players will engage...

Eating a few hotdogs?

A walk with Ashley?

Way down the beach, Evan gets catcalled. “Hey fatso, get off the beach!”

“Come over here and say that!”

Then off for a ‘good’ supper.


End of June is two months, and it's time to see the doctor again. What is he going to say, when he'd implored Evan to not gain any more weight than necessary.... and Evan is up nearly 150 pounds in two months?


Summer events

A summer of celebrations...

A need for shorts and tank tops...in larger sizes

July 4 BBQ feast!

Day on the beach - need some suntan oil on that magnificent mega-bod! Have to deal with the hardbodies too...

Try out an eating competition!

Celebrating all the 'days' of summer with food!


"C'mon Ashley, Joe's is just up here," says Evan, leading the way - for once - as they head towards a party. Ashley, still trying to text and walk, is slowed so much by texting that's she's not keeping up with Evan's bulk-slowed speed.

"Coming, coming," Ashley mutters, fingers flying. She looks up as Evan gets a substantial lead on her, and suddenly her fingers still - she is visually distracted by the magnificent sight in front of her, as a sudden sunbeam outlines Evan's massive frame. "Damn, you look GOOD!" she calls to Evan, then hurries to catch up to him, all thoughts of texting momentarily driven from her brain.

Evan turns towards the non-descript looking townhouse, and heads up the three steps to the front door, the metal steps groaning gently under his tread. Ashley followed behind, her eyes feasting on the visuals provided by Evan's thick, powerful legs driving his massive butt and overhanging love-handles upwards. Evan was about to knock on the door when it swung inwards.

"Hog! You made it!" said the big figure looming inside the door. At least, Luke would have been the big figure inside the door, excepting that Evan outside the door outweighed even the 'big man' from the football team last year - outweighed him substantially. "C'mon, everybody, 'Hog' is here," called Luke down the hallway. Evan started to walk in, and promptly collided with Luke. "This hallway's not big enough for two big guys," remarked Luke, taking a step back into a doorway. Evan started forward, then paused as other people flooded into the hallway.

"Hog! Hog!" several guys called out, as a few girls chanted, "Evan, Evan!" Evan started forward again, coming out into the living room of the townhouse which was crowded with people. As Evan looked around, a guy's voice cried out, "Quick, hide the pizza! Or we won't get any!"

"You mean, bring out the extra pizza, don't you?" retorted a female voice, just as another girl walked with three more pizza boxes in her hands.

"Hog, come sit here," says Kevin, getting up from the lone LazyBoy in the room. "You need a place to sit with Ashley."

"Thanks, Kevin," Evan replies, and gently settles his bulk in the leather recliner. Ever since that unfortunately incident with the cheap sofa, Evan has been trying to be easy on furniture, unless he knows it's really solid. Somebody passes Ashley a pizza box, and somebody else passes Evan a litre of Pepsi, and soon he's deep into the pepperoni and cheese.

An hour and several pizzas later, Even decides it's time to get up. Leaning forward, he folds up the recliner, then heaves his mass to the vertical position. Heading through the kitchen to the porch out back, Evan pauses to inhale a slice of cake, then a slice of pie, before heading through the door. The porch is not too crowded, and the night air is cool, so Evan heads over to the railing and leans against it. He jokes with Kevin for a moment, then there's a 'crack' behind him and the railing moves....

"Take it easy there big guy, don’t break the place!"

"Hey, can I help it if I'm bigger and better?" Evan jokes back, but moves away from the railing.


No summer, of course, in the American middle class way of life is complete without the holiday trip with the family, and Evan's parents have planned their two weeks of getaway carefully.

But nearly two weeks in Charleston, and on the beaches, seems to pass in a twinkling - and Evan's sexy voice and 'eye-catching' bulk gets special treatment from every waitress...

When not on holiday, Evan is still having a ‘good summer’ - Who knew there were so many eating competitions - or that they could be such fun!


“Ashley, I think I need some new shirts before school starts,” said Evan as Ashley walked in the front door. As usual, she had a canvas carrier bag stuffed full of food in one hand. “Mum reminded me to try stuff on this morning, and, well....”

“Show me!” said Ashley firmly. She always loved a good fashion show with her ‘teddy bear’, and as he hadn’t bought any new clothes all summer, she fancied she was in for a treat...

Evan slogged steadily up the stairs to his room, Ashley following behind to admire the backside view as his huge thighs and eye-catching butt lifted Evan’s soaring weight up the stairs. With each movement, the seams of his jeans shorts threatened to pull apart, and the overhang of his gut bounced and jiggled. He wandered into his room and picked up a button-down shirt from his bed as Ashley set down the carrier bag on his desk.

“I mean, like, look at this!” he said, pulling off the tight polo over his head and starting to put on the pale green Oxford cloth button-down shirt. It was snug about his heavy shoulders, but the real action was further down, where he was trying to draw the shirt closed to do up the buttons. Between the small shirt and his bigger fingers, not one button went in - especially as every time he fumbled, his attempt to suck in his stomach relaxed.

“Here, let me help,” said Ashley, and as Evan sucked in his sizeable stomach and held the ends of the shirt together, Ashley nimbly did up the buttons, starting at the top.

“There!” she finally said, and Evan let go and took a breath, relaxing his stomach. Ashley watched with fascination as the buttonholes and buttons strained to contain the sudden pressure, little moons of bare tummy flesh appearing between each tortured button and hole.

“Wow!” she exclaimed, “that’s tight!”

“Yeah,” said Evan in a sheepish tone, “I’ve put on a few pounds.”

“Only a few?” Ashley questioned, mockingly.

Evan grinned back. “Yeah - a few more than a hundred since school let out, and this shirt was tight then!”

“You know, I think I’ll get my tape. Then we can get you shirts that’ll fit for the first day.”

“All right!” said Evan. He turned towards where Ashley was getting a tape out of her bag and his gargantuan gut bounced slightly with the motion - the seams of the shirt creaked with the load, and then as Evan moved forward, some buttons blew off his overstrained shirt. Ashley grinned, as Evan put on his 'fake-sheepish' look.

Ashley slung her tape around Evan’s ‘equator', and read off the numbers. “85 inches! That’s up a whole foot since June! No wonder that shirt's straining.”


Ashley was just bursting with happiness as she walked beside Evan, the secret of the night before front and center in her mind. The front door of the school loomed ahead of them, surrounded by excited kids catching up on the summer...but as Evan approached, wave after wave of them looked at him in awe and fell silent.

And Evan made a truly ‘awesome’ sight as he approached the first day of his Junior year. His equator-gut spilled out over his new size 70 jeans as his generous lovehandles and massive butt cheeks rolled up and down with his walking motion. His massive belly and fattened chest were perfectly outlined by his new, 10XL button-down oxford shirt, the broad red and white stripes skimming his generous curves. Ashley had adjusted his new shirt herself, to make sure it fit well over his biggest feature, his 86" gut. Despite this phenomenal girth, Evan was still easily mobile - though the massive thighs encased in his big jeans were working hard keeping his generous poundage in motion. His slow walk was much more a big guy strut than a fat guy waddle, for his whole body - shoulders, chest, butt, legs - seemed to have widened as he packed on more than 120 pounds over the summer. His new fat was clearly evident, though, as each heavy footfall made a gentle shudder run through the flesh of his torso, causing his bigger gut and heavier manboobs to rebound gently with each step.

As he made a truly imperial progression up to the school, friends who recognized him waved or came up to high-five him, or to rub his belly for luck. As Evan regally rolled along, the crowd engulfed a timid, thin grade 9, a frosh new to the high school, who ended up beside Evan. He grabbed Evan's thick, broad hand and asked, "Are...are....are you the... the fattest man in the WORLD?"

"Heck no!" replied Evan, "there's lot of guys bigger than I am..."

"No, he's not the fattest guy in the world.... yet," replied Ashley nearly simultaneously, in a voice that told you she had ideas....

"Wow...." said the skinny frosh, who probably weighed as much as Evan's left leg, and melted away into the crowd.

"EVAN! How’s ‘da Hog’? You look bigger than ever! Hey, Hog, comin' out for ball this year?" asked Luke, whose own abundant bulk made the crowd part before him. He came to a halt beside Evan, his generous gut bouncing, then reached out and rub Evan's behemoth gut for good luck. "Looks like you've been packing it on - I have too, I'm up to 355! That's 30 pounds more than at the start of last year! My bench press is up too! Of course, you've put on way more than that."

"I've put on a LOT more than 30 pounds!" Evan responded, then continued. "I think I'm a bit big for ball this year - remember Coach said he didn't mind my weight going up, as long as I kept up my speed? Well, I lost my speed somewhere this summer - probably back when the first 50 pounds piled on. And, at this size, I wouldn't want to trip and fall and crush somebody, anyway."

"Though with all that padding falling down probably wouldn't hurt. But, will you come out to the games, anyway?"

"Of course! I'll bring my hotdogs too!"

"Good - we'll need those good luck tummy rubs I think." Luke paused, then started again. "You know, I have a fabulous idea to intimidate the other teams - we should get you a uniform and have you just sitting on the bench for games. That should frighten the other teams, at least for a few minutes."

“You know, it could be even better,” replied Evan. “I may not run anymore but I can walk - and push! If Coach called me out when you guys have got like a two-yard play, I could do that....”

“What an awesome idea! You’d be totally intimidating.... How much do you weigh now, anyway?”

“Well, I’m still way bigger than you are, let’s just say...”

“Can you keep a secret?” whispers Ashley in Luke’s ear.


“If you’re 355, he’s more than twice your weight, as of last night...”

“No shit!”

“Yeah, isn’t it cool! But don’t announce it around yet...”


Luke peeled off, his own heavy gut bouncing above his belt, as Evan and Ashley continued their steady promenade into the school.


The voice over PA announced that the Grade 11s should come to the Auditorium - at least, that's what everyone assumed it said - and Ashley and Evan made their steady way with the crowd. Evan used the rear entrance - it avoided the stairs, and, hey, it was closer - and rumbled his bulk down the gently sloping floor to the front, where Ashley had promised a seat awaited. At the end of one row...there it was, a heavy duty bench, and on top of it were two gas-headed blonds in skinny jeans.

"Excuse me, I think that's my seat," said Evan grandly, his substantial chest and gut just inches from their oblivous backsides. They wheeled around quickly, coming fact to face with Evan's massive avoirdupois. "Ohh!" they squeaked, and ran, as Ashley smiled.

Evan dropped his hefty butt onto the bench, which groaned gently under the sudden load. "Welcome!" came the amplified voice of their Principal, Mr. McDonald, over the PA system. "I hope you're all looking forward to a great grade 11 year! First, a quick re-cap of school policies on smoking, parking, ....

As the principal boomed along, Evan's hefty tummy rumbled, a noise Evan and Ashley were now quite accustomed to. After a long busy summer of embracing his appetite - gorging, pigging out, and generally stuffing himself - Evan was 122 pounds heavier than when he'd last set foot in the school at the end of grade 10. Ashley liked to think that every one of those 122 pounds was quite obviously on display!

"Hungry?" asked Ashley softly, as she pulled a granola bar out of her pack.

"Always!" Evan whispered back. He dispatched the granola bar in two bites, barely giving Ashley time to pull out another one.

"Finally," the principal said, after a round of introductions of the grade 11 teachers on stage, "you can all wake up again as we get to the section you've actually been waiting for - your classes. Would the following people follow Mrs. Adams to their home room..." As the principal began to go through the list of names, Mrs. Adams came down at stage right to await her students.

Ashley and Evan listened carefully - they had both registered for the same classes, back in June, and Evan's mother had 'had a little chat' with the school office over the summer, about 'accommodating' her son - which had at least partially worked, hence the hefty bench Evan was sitting on - but whether they would end up in the same homeroom was a mystery only the schoolboard's scheduling computer could unravel.

"Mr. Leddicote," the Principal intoned, then began a list of students' names. "Beverly...Stuart...Alex....Abdul....Evan...Daniel...Isolda...Lap....Ashley........."

"Yahoo!" said Evan quietly, giving low five to Ashley and then starting to hoist his tremendous tonnage off the bench. As he did, he looked over to stage right to see his new homeroom teacher, Leddicote, as it was a name he didn't recognise. He saw a guy in a white shirt and tie and black pants, rather like the older male teachers wore, only this guy was not old - at least, not really old, he looked about 30. But that was not the striking thing about him. The striking thing was that he was BIG... probably about 300 pounds, Ashley thought, about the size Evan had been early on last year.

"Look!" she hissed, digging an elbow into Evan's massive gut as she spoke, "he's big! Our new homeroom guy is big!"

"Yeah," replied Evan with satisfaction in his voice. "Not as big as me, though."

"Nobody is as big as you," replied Ashley firmly. The two of them made their way forward towards Mr. Leddicote. Evan's sheer width making him an impressive target. Other students on their way down front hailed Evan and Ashley, the boys high-fiving him, the girls kissing or hugging him, and all of them rubbing his tummy for good luck. By the time Evan braked his bulk to a halt near Mr. Leddicote, he and Ashley were just beaming.

"All here?" asked Mr. Leddicote in a warm, mellifluous baritone. "Let's go then!" He set off steadily but slowly up the slope, avoiding the stairs at the front for the ease of the ramp up to the back doors. Out in the hallway, he stopped in front of the school elevator doors.

"In honour of your classmate Evan's increased rotundity, I'm stopping here and giving him a key to the elevator for the year. I must say," Mr. Leddicote continued, "this is first time since I was in middle school when I won't be the biggest guy in class - I happily relinquish my title to you, 'Buddha'," he continued with a grin. Then he reached forward and rubbed Evan's belly, before giving him the key. "Now, don't sue me for 'child abuse', Evan, everyone knows rubbing Buddha’s tummy is good luck," finished Mr. Leddicote with a big grin.

"What, sue a fellow fat guy?" Evan retorts. "No likely! Beside, if you tried anything with me, I'd just sit on you...."

"Ouch!" laughs Mr. Leddicote. "OK, who's riding up in the elevator with Evan?"

"Me!" "Me!" "Me!" "Me!" "Me!" came a chorus of female voices.

"Ladies first!" said Evan loudly, accepting the key from Mr. Leddicote and inserting it into the call button. "Unless you'd like to accompany me?" Evan asked Mr. Leddicote.

"No, no, gotta keep up my playing speed!" replied the teacher. "I'll be hitting the stairs. C'mon guys, leave fat Evan with his groupies..." And so saying, the substantial teacher moved off to the nearest stairs, followed by all the boys in the class, and not a few girls.

Evan, and the half-dozen girls who fit in the elevator with him, watched as the door slid shut, and the elevator slowly lifted them to the second floor. The girls got out first, then Evan rolled his substantial frame out. As he walked towards Mr. Leddicote, who was waiting at the top of the stairs, the girls stayed clustered close, to Ashley's mild annoyance. Evan's gut rumbled again and a girl right at Evan's elbow whipped out a chocolate bar. "Here, Evan," she said, and the grade 11 god of girth accepted her offering with gusto.

"Thanks!" he said, as his thick fingers peeled open the wrapper effortlessly and the bar disappeared into his maw in two bites.

"Another?" asked a girl to his left, her somewhat larger offering in one hand.

"Of course!" Evan laughed, then unwrapped and dispatched in three bites.

"Evan, I'm supposed to feed you!" said Ashley in mock annoyance, an even bigger bar in her hand.

"And I shall eat everything you offer me," said Evan, his voice even more courtly and smooth than usual. "Everything you offer me... and everything everyone else offers me too! I don't want to disappoint my other fans..."

While Ashley's jumbo-sized bar was vanishing as well, Mr. Leddicote asked, "Do you eat all the time, Evan?"

"Pretty much," replied Evan. "I'm just a hungry boy!" he added, grinning and thumping his gut with one hand.

“And I always make sure he has food,” added Ashley.

“Me too!” added a chorus of other girls.

“Well...” said Mr. Leddicote thoughtfully.


"Evan! Evan!" shouted the boy pounding down the sidewalk. As Evan turned, he caught sight of a another fat guy in full flight, pounding towards him, gut bouncing and dark hair flying as his thumping feet carrying him along. Evan waited for the guy, no longer looking so big beside Evan's stupendous size, to catch his breath.

"Evan! I heard you got too big for football, so I want you to join the sumo team," said the new arrival, his head down, as he took deep breaths. "Too big for football should be perfect for sumo! I am the captain this year," he continued, getting his breathing back under control and then looking up. "It would be great if you came to a practice...." As his eyes travelled over Evan's corpulent corpus, his voice faded away. "Shit, man, you're HUGE!" he finally said.

"Yeah, Yuudai, I've put on a few," remarked Evan, rubbing his gut with one hand. "Never know, I might be too BIG for sumo now!" He chuckled, the deep sound coming from somewhere far down in his gut.

Yuudai, recovering from shock, looked Evan up and down. "You're a lot bigger than when you played football! I'd heard you'd put on weight, but... still, would you come out to practice? At the very least I might get some of the skinny guys inspired to grow like you... or even me."

Yuudai rubbed a hand over his own, hardly 'insubstantial' gut, then looked at Evan again and sighed. "How did you get so huge! If I were as big as you...I just know I'd be state champ."

"State champ? You'd be national champ...global champ....you'd go PRO!" said Evan, chuckling. "Of course, maybe I should do that...pro Sumo, move to Japan...nah, might limit my growth."

"Limit your growth? Are you trying to get bigger?"

"Oh yeah! Doctor says I'm a genetic freak, my body responds to extra weight positively, so I wanna see just how big I can grow!"

"No shit! Too cool! Wish that was me..."

“Hey, wanna come eat with me?”


“Sure! I always like a little ‘snack’ between school and supper....”

“Sure. Will you come to practice? It’s the day tomorrow.”

“Sure. Should I wear gym shorts?”

“If you have ‘em....”

“Oh yeah.” Evan paused, then took a pose from a recent TV ad. Yuudai realised what he was doing, and took the same pose, arms up, muscles flexed, big gut hanging poised above bent legs. Evan then barked out, “Just ‘cause I’m big...”

“...doesn’t mean I can’t move!” Evan and Yuudai chorused together, perfectly reprising the Adidas football gear ad. They high-fived, then Yuudai moved in on Evan, and Evan realised that Yuudai was about to belly-bump him - and at the last possible moment, swung his own generous gut forward hard. "Ooff," both boys gasped, as their paunches impacted then bounced apart. Ashley just grinned.


"So, where are we going for the snack?" Evan asked.

Evan and Yuudai “do” a pizzeria. Will the pizzeria's chairs survive?


Evan and Ashley sit in the bleachers during football practice the next day.

"So, what are you doing up in the stands? Who said you could leave my team? You’re on the team until I tell you you’re not on the team, ‘Hog’," barked the coach, then grinned, as Evan gaped at him.

Evan was about to say he was too big - and had gotten as far as putting one fat hand on his gut - when the coach continued. "Truth is, Evan, I WANT you back on the team, Fairview's boasting about having the 'biggest guy in the league' on their team and I want YOU to prove them wrong! He’s going to be rostered at 503; we’ll roster you at 516.”

“But coach, I weigh ....”

“No I don’t want to hear it!” Coach interrupted, putting his hands over his ears. “I know you weigh more than 500, you weighed more than 500 the end of last year, that’s good enough for me. I expect the Fairview guy’s 503 is fictitious too - probably too high, if I know their coach - so don’t tell me, I’ll list you at 516. Let ‘em guess how big you really are!”

“You really think I can play?”

“Yes, I do! Not out on the field for the whole game, but for special plays - I watched you walk up here, you move OK. You ever hear of ‘Da Fridge’, who rumbled for a two-yard touchdown for the Chicago Bears? He was the biggest NFLer of his time - rostered at 335 but was closer to 400. Luke told me he told you to come to games, and told me his idea about special plays! So, I want you on the bench, ready for special plays! Go down to my office, get dressed, and get out on the field.”

Evan gaped at the coach, for the second time in as many minutes. “You’ve got a uniform to fit me?” he asked, incredulous.

“Well, yes,” replied the coach, sounding smug.

“How did you know how big...”

“Well, your girlfriend knows how big you are!”

“Ashley, did you...?”

“Hey, I WANT to see you out on the field!” replied Ashley. “And not like last year, when you were busy worrying about your weight. Now, you can eat, weigh AND play to your max!”

“All right!” exulted Evan. He started to hurry down the bleachers, making them shudder more than slightly under his mobile mass. Ashley followed close behind, both to be able to lend a hand to Evan as he dressed and to be able to see his 700+ pounds encased in Underarmour, stretch football pants and a 10X jersey.


The next day, just day three of Grade 11, and Evan is in his element - if anything, his fan club has gotten bigger, as people find out that he’s rejoined the football squad, and as his ‘substantial’ presence gets noted around school. The bell has just gone to end the last class of the day, and a clutch of girls has descended on him before he can even leave the geography classroom, each bearing a ‘gift’. Dauntless and indulgent male that he is, Evan accepted all their gifts, finding room for each offering in his spacious belly. Ashley hovered at the end of the crowd, and after a few minutes said, “Evan, Yuudai said...”

“Oh yeah!” replied Evan, then vaulted to his feet (a truly impressive move), making his belly bounce. “Sumo practice!” He started to move forward, and the crowd parted before him, like ocean waves parting before a supertanker.

“Oh Evan,” sighed one of the girls, as he made his magnificent way across the classroom.

"I know Yuudai asked me to come to sumo practice," Evan said to Ashley through a mouthful of muffin, "but I don't know if it will really work - I don't want to fall and accidentally crush somebody in the ring!"

"Well, I don't think Yuudai would have asked you if there was a problem," Ashley replied. "Yuudai texted me about this last night, and when I told him that you were still going to be on the football team, he got really excited. But I don't want to say anything more..."

"Because it's a surprise?" Evan replied.

"Well, maybe, sort of - Yuudai can tell you," Ashley dissembled. "I think Yuudai and the sumo coach have a different opinion about your size than you do. And I will say, that I agree with them."

"Evan, welcome!" the sumo coach said as Evan heaved his massive self through the door into the practice room.


So, football, sumo - what other sports can a 700+ pound high school junior indulge indulge in.

Well, why not the school eating team? After all, if there's one thing you can say about Evan, it's that he has capacity for food.

And just watch, Ashley convinces Mr. Leddicote to be the coach for that....


Now, being Evan's size does come with a few inconveniences - though nothing a little planning (such as the bench in each classroom for him) and a few good friends can't overcome. The new school t-shirts come out and, while they do come all the way up to a 4XL (good for most of the football team), XXXXL hardly covers Evan's personal magnificence. Fortunately, Ashley and her friends in Home Economics class have learned to sew - and be creative in problem solving. They take one of the 4XL t-shirts, carefully cut into into "front" and "back" sections, and sew those onto a colour-coordinated 10XL t-shirt for Evan - somebody writes in the school newsblog that it looks like Evan collided with a new t-shirt and the t-shirt got smooshed "across his Mack-truck-sized body".

Inspired by this bit of hyperbole, Ashley makes Evan a new shirt with "Big as a Mack Truck" across the front - and the back end of an 18 wheeler printed on the back.


It’s the last Sunday in September, and the stands are filled at the high school with growing crowds who’ve come to watch ‘Hog’, the fat guy, play football. While his admirers had been coming from the beginning, the numbers swelled rapidly after Ashley posted a YouTube video of him and his lineman friends practicing ‘fat football’ - and it went viral....

Crowds in the stands chanting ‘Fat, Fat, Fat’ who admit they don’t even know his name, but love his video.... many are fat guys and gals themselves.


Ashley gets her driver's licence - mid-November of her Grade 11 year - and Daddy offers her a new car - but what she really wants is a good, used, full-size van - to drive her growing boyfriend around....her mom encourages her to cruise the car lots and make a counter offer - which Daddy accepts...now Evan has an encourager, and transport....just watch the weight pack on!


Evan walked in through the front door of Ashley's house, then headed down the hallway to her room. As he came in, she watched closely.

"You DO rub on both sides!" she said, smiling. "It's not my imagination."

"Yeah, and if I walk slowly, I can feel the rub," he agreed. "And that's before all this weekend's eating...."

"I don't know about that, I thought you put on quite a performance at supper tonight?" Ashley joshed him.

"Hey, that's just a warm-up for tomorrow," he riposted, rubbing his great gut with one hand. "This Thanksgiving is going to be great!" he added. "A whole weekend of eating!"

"Yeah..." said Ashley, a far away look in her eyes. "But we won't weigh you until Sunday night."

"No, let's find out how far I can push myself," Evan agreed. He settled himself gently onto the recliner in front of her TV - he was trying to avoid dropping onto furniture anymore, unless he wanted to destroy it - and said, "Video or xBox?"


Thanksgiving is thanksGORGING! How many Thanksgiving meals can you fit in one (mammoth) stomach?


"Man are you fat!" says the tallest of Evan's cousins, who's no shrinking violet himself. "And I thought I was big! This is going to be interesting..."

"Oh yeah!" replies Evan. "Jason, I can eat you under the table."

"I bet! And I'm gonna enjoy watching you do it!"

"Yeah, all I want for Christmas is to fill my belly..."

"I'd says that's all you've wanted for the last eighteen months! Say, how big are you now?"


Christmas is a time to celebrate life - preferably with food! Relaxing after the tension of exams, Evan packs it away... and packs it on. And on. And on.


Ashley watched as Evan negotiated his broad body up the three steps, his mammoth thighs driving his vast bulk upwards to the front door. From the front or the back, there was no getting around it - Evan was FAT! Magnificently FAT! He opened the front door, and she watched as he turned his enormous shoulders slightly to fit through. His huge love handles, on the other hand, didn’t get smaller as they turned, and as he forced his avoirdupois through the door, they compressed on both sides to slide through.

“You like watching, don’t you?” he asked as she caught up with him inside.

“Oh yeah!” she answered enthusiastically.

Ashley and her mother had laid out a spread for Ashley’s hungry mountain of a boyfriend - they both knew how much Evan could eat, and they had been cooking all morning getting ready for his lunch.

Evan was hailed by Ashley’s mum as he swung into the breakfast nook in the kitchen, “There’s our hungry lad!” She laid a large lasagna down on the table, as Evan sat down on the ultra-sturdy chair. Ashley had moved the other chairs back, and shifted the table, to make room for ‘Evan’s chair’ and for Evan in front of the pine table, now liberally covered in serving dishes. Evan smiled at the sight of the feast that awaited him - a feast that might have fed 10 or 12 generously, but was meant entirely for him.

"Looks great - thanks!” said Evan, as he lifted a huge serving spoon and dug in.


Ashley had asked to go to a more ‘formal’ outing to start the new year - though first was dinner at her house, followed by supper at a buffet, and only then did the two young lovers 'head out' for the evening. The chosen venue was hosting a number of young people's parties that night, all with a 'costume' theme of 'great movies'. Ashley had heard about it from some of the other girls who were dating football players, and Evan had heard about it from Yuudai, whose sumo team was going as well.

A costume for Evan? Well, there's no weight or size limits on Hutts, and Ashley as Princess Leia works well against Evan's convincing Jabba.

Lots of food, lots of drink, slow dances, faster dances, then a slow dance for midnight, then first meal of the new year...


Is it polo shirt blowout time?


A Valentine's Day gift to Ashley - 1000 pounds of Evan! She in turn gifts him some new 16XL sweats and tshirts.


Ending Grade 11 on a substantial note - very substantial - 1300 pounds! Ashley gets Guinness to certify Evan is the heaviest living person on the planet....with a double-door width gut!


Ah, summertime, and the eating is easy - Evan represents his town at the Nathan's hotdog championships!

Getting there is an adventure.

Setting a record far beyond the other competitors is the goal!


And then there’s a long weekend in Vegas...how much can you eat in 72 hours...
an edifying growing enhancing improving swelling enlarging time!


A health check-up - he's as healthy as a horse! (And as heavy as a horse, too!)


The 3/4 ton teen starts grade 12 - fitting into desks is hard to do, filling the elevator is easy!

And how much size will grade 12 bring? If a summer's good for 200 pounds of improvement, what about ten months of school? Evan's body is still adapting to his weight.... and Ashley dreams of a nice, round 2000 pound boyfriend!


Clearly, this is still a work in progress.
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