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How well do you know Absolute Reality?
         There is an age old argument about whether or not spiritual dimensions exist, and whether or not intelligent entities inhabit those spiritual dimensions. Countless tales and hours of research, as well as lives invested through faith, are dedicated to proving that a spiritual dimension or some disassociated realm similar to this three-dimensional reality is but a certain frequency beyond ‘normal’ human perception. There is historical, neurological, as well as far more entertaining forms of evidence that continually point out, over and over again, that communication has been established with intellectually inhabited spiritual dimensions.

         Historically, there is so much evidence laying about the face of the Earth in the form of monuments, museum artifacts, and religions that it is amazing humanity has forgotten its very own history! Despite what people tend to believe about any religious document that formed the backbone of any and every ancient civilization, they cannot deny that all those sacred texts pointed to one unanimous fact: that there are spiritual dimensions that exist beyond our physical perception. Every culture has its high priests who perform rituals to appease, or connect to the ‘spirits’. Christians pray, Buddhist monks mediate, Satanists sacrifice, new age neo-hippies take mind-altering drugs, all to commune with a ‘higher consciousness’ that cannot be seen. Bruce Rux commented in his book, Architects of the Underworld, that “Christians are painfully unaware of their origins, …” (360). Looking at the Holy Bible – King James Version – in the book of Genesis, it opens up with the miracle of Creation. Chapter one, verse six of that same book states, “And God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness …’” If this verbal image is to be taken literally, like it is meant to be, then that means that the Christian God is an extraterrestrial; the term ‘extraterrestrial’ meaning “Outside of the Earth or (outside of) its atmosphere.” Genesis chapter one, verse two continues to say: “… the earth was without form, and void; and the darkness was upon the face of the deep. …” Now, if ‘the earth was without form,’ then some vastly intelligent extraterrestrial was there to partake in the creation of Earth from ‘outside of its atmosphere.’

         Unfortunately, non-religious people and scientists alike agree that there is no way a god or a higher consciousness had anything to do with the Creation of Earth or the birth of human consciousness. Those who prescribe to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, doubt that anything but time and more time could have sculpted the human perception and intelligent. Yet, once the Earth was established, humanity sprung forth from seemingly nowhere with a fully formed conscious and full of spiritual beliefs. This is not only prevalent within ancient Egypt – whose ‘primitive’ people decorated their massive stone temples with hieroglyphic depictions of their many gods – but within every other culture who also built pyramids. The ancient Mayan culture of Central America adorned their step-pyramids with wicked looking feathered, serpentine creatures. Historians claim that these reptilian images ‘represent’ the god-kings who descended from the heavens and imparted wisdom to the Mayan people, before disappearing back into the starry heaven above. The physical embodiment of a god-king returning to outer space may have been misinterpreted, over the centuries, as that god transcending into the spirit realm. But, if that information was misinterpreted as a mere metaphor for death, then all that means is people nowadays are willing to believe in a spiritual dimension before they are willing to believe in extraterrestrial, or better said, exo-terrestrial life (-terrestrial meaning earth.) This brings up the questions: Can extraterrestrial consciousness come from a spiritual dimension? If so, can that spiritual consciousness be tuned-into with a disciplined mind or possibly reached quicker through the use of mind-altering drugs?

         Next, neurological studies of a drug known as N-Dimethyltryptamine – or DMT – has shown that its smokers experience a transcendence of space-time that lasts for roughly twenty minutes to a half-hour and lingers thereafter. But, as the drug worked its way into their system, their consciousness drifted into a dimension of vibratory color patterns inhabited by mischievous elves and bejeweled, good natured mantis-like creatures (Pickover). This is not an isolated clinical incident. Over the ages, countless amounts of people have claimed to be in the presence of an astral or spiritual entity when they are deep into their drug ‘trip.’ Many people have reported seeing lizard-people when ‘tripping,’ like how Hunter S. Thomson did in his book, or as seen in the movie version of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” During Native American rituals, the participants eat peyote or smoke a mixture of various dried hallucinogenic herbs in order to ‘commune with the spirits.’ In “A Separate Reality, Further Conversations with Don Juan,” (‘don’ meaning ‘sir’ in Spanish,) the author, Carlos Castaneda, described his return to apprenticeship under the Yaqui brujo – medicine man, curer, sorcerer – don Juan: a man of knowledge. Instructed to partake in the ritual of the “little smoke,” Castaneda envisioned the guardian of the other world – a gnat, supposedly – who flew around and around Castaneda before hitting him in the forehead and causing him pain (116-121). Upon explaining this ‘vision’ to Don Juan, Castaneda commented, “That thing, whatever it was, (it) hurt me. … It was as real as you and I.” Don Juan’s response: “Of course it was real. It caused you pain, didn’t it?” (119)

         There is a consensus that anything that one saw, heard, felt, or smelt while under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug, that person did not see, hear, feel or smell in reality; even if that drug is naturally formed and excreted from the pineal gland at stressful times. In fact, the people who do not accept the visions of a drug user are those people who have chosen not to use drugs for their own personal reasons. Fair enough. But, the opinion of a drug user is just as valid as that of a non-drug user. The 1960s, a Harvard professor by the name of Timothy Leary started to experiment with the psychedelic drug LSD. Once Leary found it to be ‘safe’ by first using it on prison inmates, and then his friends, he decided to try it out himself. After being kicked out of Harvard for advocating use of LSD as a sacred tool for mind expansion (similar to how the Native Americans do,) and after Leary became acquainted with the effects of the substance LSD, he formed the League of Spiritual Discovery to teach people how to have a ‘safe trip’ through “set and setting” (University of Virginia). If the possibility exists that people could have a ‘bad trip,’ or have a vision turn on them (such as the one Castaneda had) when experimenting with psychotropic, hallucinogenic drugs, then it would make perfect sense to prepare and educate any adventurous person who is willing to ‘see’ and tune-in to what their brain naturally filters out of every day reality. Yet, all these strange visionary head trips into spiritual dimensions inhabited by extraterrestrial creatures have helped to spawn some of the greatest entertainment created in the history of humanity.

         Video games, movies, and random video clips from Youtube.com all have their share the same idea communication with intelligent entities from spiritual dimensions. One of the most successful video game ever made, Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System, features two plumbers who travel through pipes underground and into a world where they fight to save Princess Peach from a dragon named Bowser and his minions. When this game was released 1983 in the USA, this unspoken mediocre storyline was completely ignored for the brilliant game-play that helped to create the world wide, billion-dollar video game industry we have today. Yet, it is that same overlooked mediocre storyline that was adapted to the movie version of Super Mario Bros. in 1993. Being a movie, it took some speculative fiction liberties by presenting the idea that, 63 million years ago, a meteor did not really kill the dinosaurs, but it sent them into a parallel dimension where they evolved intelligence much like the mammals did. The movie gained a cult following for its great acting and even better special effects, but it did not do to well at the box office due to its lackluster story.

         Not only is the premise of Super Mario Bros. (the game and movie) one of the most used storylines that that it is cliché and stereotypical nowadays, but the idea of “rescuing a princess from a dragon” is maybe entertaining for children who never heard before. Story writers have gotten all out of that topic a long time ago. So why do people continue to resurrect this story that is as old as humanity itself? Maybe because there is a truth to it that has been forgotten or possibly covered up. There is a very disturbing video posted on Youtube.com “Reptile Woman – UFO Reptilian / Demon Morphing”. This video is nothing like a circus freak show. No, it is a homemade video of a couple hanging out at home being a flirty couple. When one watches this video, as is, it seems very normal and typical. But, when the video’s frame rate is slowed down, some remarkable things can be seen happening to the physical features of the woman being filmed. Now, it is best to watch this video with an open-mind, as the most breath-taking moments analyzed and explained by a collective named Archangel Systems. This skin of this woman turns scaly, her face distorts in strange unnatural ways, and the pupils of her eyes are vertical, not the normal sphere-shape. As weird as all this is, she is a normal woman doing normal everyday things. Would anything else be expected?

         In the end, all these facts point to a spiritual dimension beyond normal human perception; one that we are connected to; and have always been connected to since the beginning of time. There are intelligence beings that live in those spiritual dimensions who can cross over into our dimension in ways dissimilar to ways humans enter their dimensions. But not all is positive or negative. Each species in each spiritual dimensional frequency live along side each other peacefully until those dimensions are breached by frequency atonement. Even then, as long as the universal rule of respect is applicable in foreign alien dimensions. But if a malicious entity happens to attack a wondering soul, that soul needs first to believe in itself, love itself and know it has it ability to defend itself with its thoughts alone; because it is by conscious thought alone that that makes reality as real as it can be. If terrestrials, human and non-human alike, could live along side one another in love, tolerance, and respect for one another, then that is a much better prospect for the future for the children of all races and species to work together for a better world. And, just maybe, that collaboration is what is needed to end global catastrophes and work toward that science fiction future, which is a mirror of the past.

Annotated Bibliography:

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A Separate Reality is the second book Carlos Castaneda had written about his tutelage under don Juan, a Yaqui Native American brujo – a man of esoteric and forgotten knowledge. By the end of first book in the series, Castaneda becomes frightened by what he don Juan is teaching him to ‘see,’ and returned to everyday life for five years. After getting reacquainted with what was left behind, but had called him back, Castaneda once again partakes in the Yaqui rituals that lead one along the path to enlightenment about the true nature of the world humanity lives in. In my research, I found that the ‘spirit visions’ Castaneda reported having have helped me in understanding what an honorable Native American culture religiously taught its people. The fact, those very lessons are still relevant today within the psychological circles of research that study into neurological functions, the brains chemical makeup, and the way it interprets everyday stimulus.

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Once of the first films to seriously document the evidence that exo-terrestrial intelligence had, in fact, visited the Earth in antiquity and every single monolithic monument of the ancient world is connected to them. Once that information is presented, the film continues to expound upon the very nature of their visit her to Earth and how they may have enslaved, manipulated, and taught the native species they found living here on Earth. Rod Serling, famous for co-producing/writing the hit ‘50s show, the Twilight Zone, narrated this hour-long TV special sponsored by Timex. Although this show never names any scholars, like the self taught Erich von Dӓniken, who first pointed out that most unexplainable ancient artifacts look a lot like astronauts dressing space suits and UFO-type objects, it does present the information in as unbiased a manner as possible. I found this film (and the book it is based off of) offers a rare glimpse of those artifacts, the accepted explanation of what they are and their purpose alongside the more controversial ideas about what they might truly represent when looked at with a little imagination.

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This particular webpage give a brief but concise overview about the clinical and non-clinical research techniques used to evaluate the effects of DMT (N-Dimethyltryptamine) upon the mind and body. It contains hyperlinks to other research conducted, and papers written by people other than Pickover. All papers, although written by different personalities with subtle differences in their experiences, all agree that once they used the drug enough times, they would be allowed to ‘see’ the residents of DMT space. Strangely enough, almost every user experienced the presence of bejeweled praying mantis-looking creatures. No other bug-shaped creatures had been reported other than the mantis beings. In my own opinion, it is a very significant fact that most every DMT user admits to seeing the same type of bejeweled mantis beings after smoking 50-70 mgs of the substance. If only a hand full of people scattered across the globe had claimed seeing mantoids, then this phenomenon could be simply dismissed as a coincidence. But once this same exact phenomenon is collaborated by various independent investigators separated by space and time, then this basic strangeness points to a pattern, to an idea of a systematic program inherent to DMT, and could only be overlooked those who know not that a pattern is the symbol of intelligent design.

Rux, Bruce. “Underworlds”. Architects of the Underworld. California: Frog, 1996. Print.

Author Bruce Rux explores what crazy idea that exo-terrestrials have not only played the role of God in human history, but there contribute Earth was only a small stopover in the their intergalactic war that’s has been waging way before humans were even a drop in the ocean. Beginning with the UFO phenomenon, then logically moving onto examine the physical attributes of the exo-terrestrials themselves through eyewitness and abductee testimonies in part one, Rux expounds upon the purpose of the overwhelming alien presence nowadays and how a purposely obscured history has lead the global mass population to be enslaved by ignorance and conformity. This book is not a political statement but an extensively researched case of a self-inflicted amnesia concerning our inherited global culture. When I first read this book, I found it quite difficult to even finish reading the first half that documents the alien presence on Earth, as it has a certain psychological scariness to it. But that is presents a context to garner an understanding of the esoteric and more thought-provoking second-half of the book.

Super Mario Bros. Dir. Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel. Perf. Bob Hopkins, John
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The story of two plumbers from Brooklyn, New York who happenstancely get involved with a Princess from an alternate dimension. Based upon the video of the same name, this movie brings that ‘make-believe’ adventure to a human level. The dictator of the parallel dimension, Bowser, has dispatched his underlings to the Earth realm to seek out the renegade Princess. She holds the key to open up the inter-dimensional portal indefinitely to Bowser so he can extend his evil empire to the human ruled dimension of Earth. Being an evolved dinosaur, Bowser feels snubbed that the humans got the rule over the positive conscious side of reality, while the past ruling dinosaurs were forced spiritually ‘underground’. I found that this movie is very entertaining despite the over used plot of saving the princess from the dragon, if only because the story is done in a cheeky speculative fashion. In fact, parallel dimensions are a common idea in the realm of quantum physics, so elements of this movie may not be too far for the truth.

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The all time favorite spiritual guide for the past 401 years or so. Originating from somewhere in the Middle East, with its initial ‘books’ being first written around 2,000 bc (but may have been transcribed from even older stories,) with the last books to be included in the canon being written sometime around 400 ad, with the so-called Church Fathers arguing over what information to include in it for roughly another 500 years or so. The original King James Version included the, today, controversial Apocrypha writings, which included The Book of Enoch, The Book of Mary, The Book of Judas, and other random stories that supposedly would have cause more questions than answers for ‘true believers.’ During my lifetime, this holy book of books was my base knowledge for learning about the distant past that still currently affects the reality we all live in. I tend to wonder why so many people have murdered, raped, and tortured in the name of God, if Christianity is not the dreaded One World Order the Holy Bible warns its readers about?

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A web page dedicated to the spiritual revolution that Timothy Leary spearheaded in the mid-1960s, when he began to advocate LSD as a key used to unlock the inner workings of the mind – a precursor to today’s neurological study of brain functions and the chemicals created naturally therein. This page has a select group of books that helped to define Leary’s contribution to conscious spiritual awareness during the cultural transition from the industrial age into the technological age of today. It is a roadmap of the highlights (no pun intended) of the famed acid guru’s controversial life and time after he instigated his personal faith not only in a mind-altering drug, but in the positive human potential that had been suppressed for time immemorial. The site this page is a part of does its best to explain the significance of the 1960’s renaissance of spiritual awareness and consciousness. How love, tolerance, and electronically amplified music, not drugs, played a vital role in securing the Civil Rights for the colored branch of our American family as well as for all the beautiful females who work as hard as any man in this country.

Woghh. “Reptile Woman – UFO Reptilian / Demon Morphing”. Youtube. Youtube, 16 July
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A mind blowing video of a woman whose skin and eyes shape-shift in a most inexplicable manner. A man (her boyfriend?) is filming her as they flirt, walk around the house, and seem to be baking cookies or something. Everything looks normal in the video upon play back at normal speed. Then the analysis by Archangel Systems begins its breakdown of the whole video, with boxes tracing the skin morphing, and their best explanations about the strangest frames in the video. At one point, this woman kisses the camera, then steps back and apparently grows horns while trying to open a bag of chips. In my opinion, this is one of the strangest moments of the video, and not just because the woman appears to grow horns from her forehead, butt is an interesting point that a kiss is an indication of being ‘horny’. It is an interesting and philosophical idea that an inter-dimensional reptilian humanoid species is sexually compatible with humans.
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