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Letter of submission for publication

August 15, 2010

Bryan M. Scholl
123 Willow Drive
West Alexandria, OH 45381

Attention: Editor, Mystic
Shadows E-zine
333 Internet Highway
Intel City, Webworld 67985

Dear Mystic:

Creativity is a gift – One that dwells not in the mind, but rather within the heart. As you stated so insightfully in your last issue of Shadows “It is our blessing, our inspiration and our obligation.” I write to you to fulfill that obligation by submitting my work.

Taking the murkiness away from what most consider a difficult subject – IRA’s – is the core of the article. The common average American need not wallow in the information wave that is geared toward the top income earners. They need an advocate. I am that advocate. A voice for the common person concerned not with the large commission earned on million dollar accounts, but rather the well being of the person who can not fathom the direction they should turn in a financial world filled with a thousand directives.

My twenty-six years as a tax and investment adviser testify to the relevance of my submission, especially for those that are self-employed such as writers. Not only have I convinced hundreds of people of my methods, but by now I surmise I have also piqued your interest in reading it as well.

I humbly ask that you offer me a chance to describe the workings of IRA’s for the masses. Not from the standpoint of adding to the mountains of information, but from a person who marries two financial fields with that same sense of obligation.


Bryan M. Scholl
Tax & Investment Adviser
(937) 555-5555
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