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About a very closed friend of mine who happened to die last saturday from electrecution.
So how do I start this? I write articles about death and time but actually i haven't seen them infront of me. I've never went into a burial and not even in my dreams I thought of this to actually happen to someone close to me. Every day I think of a topic nothing comes to my mind but death and other painful things. But this morning I got a taste of my own medicine.

I woke up and nothing seems to be wrong. I ate my breakfast at 5:30 in the morning, then took a short bath, I putted on my school uniform, grab my bag and went to school. Nothing will destroy this beautiful monday morning, I thought to myself. I walked into our classroom just as I do every morning but I didn't saw my friends sitting on their chairs rather I saw them all at the back of the classroom. I felt something weird about the look upon their eyes. One of my friend called me so I rushed to them with that smile upon my face not knowing what things are ahead of me.

I sat near them and asked what was the problem. They were all gloomy but I thought it was some kind of a joke they made up for me. "Hey, come on what's happening" I said. One of them replied, "How can you ever smile?" Then another said," Matthew is dead." My eyes widen, is this a joke? I thought to myself. "That's a bad joke, don't play with others life." I said seriously. Matthew is good friend of mine. He is nice, friendly, out-going, and lively. He loves making us laugh with his jokes and he is really close to everyone in our section. But when I realized that their eyes seems to be telling the truth I started getting teary eyes. I wanted to stop my eyes from giving off tears but I can't, it won't stop no mattet what I do. Why is this happening? Why him among the thousands?

My friends told me that he died from being electrecuted from a blower that he was using. The next they they saw him with all this bubbles coming out of his mouth. His auntie and some relatives took him to the hospital but the doctors could not do anything about him, he already passed. One of my guy classmate was the first one who found out about the death of Matthew but he wanted to know if it's true or just a rumor. He called Matthew's house but his auntie was the one who answered. he asked for Matthew but the auntie's reply was this, "I'm sorry... Matthew is gone." He knew what she meant by that but he insisted to tell it specifically so the next reply wasn't quite clear because his auntie is crying, "Matthew passed this morning." The next thing he did was the call everyone in our section to inform us but unluckly I was in the mall with my family so I wasn't able to know it emedietly.

I started crying upon hearing the news, everybody cried. Matthew is such a good person, why him? He always makes us smile no matter what.  He is so jolly and friendly and I couldn't beleive that the next time I'm going to see him is inside the funeral where he lays at the coffin. The funeral happened to be behind the Our Lady of The Abandoned church which is behind our school. I've never been in a burial, my parents we never let me but for this time, thou I know I might cry a liter of tears it doesn't matter I want to see my friend for maybe the last time.

It was 4:40 in the afternoon we all decided to go to the funeral. There are a lot of his relatives and some students but when we came we almost occupied the whole place. Everybody are present, we all went there to look at him. It was so sad and painful the moment I was staring at him inside the coffin. I just can't beleive I'm looking at him now, the last image of him that I can carry from him is he laying down  inside the coffin. I started crying and so the others. one of us cried out, "Hey wake up already!! You said you don't like seeing us with crying faces then get the hell out of there, prove them you are still alive!" the person who said that was his bestfriend.  "Matthew you said you won't let us be sad then please...please wake up." she said. After that we all cried more than anyone else in there. The truth as I was staring at him I wanted to shake off the coffin and ask him to wake. But he never wanted us to be so sad like this so I started rushing out to the front of the church. If he is still alive he will not tolerate this. He never wanted us to be so sad, he would scold us he if was alive

If ever Matthew was alive and I know that this is going to happen I will tell him how thankful I was to be part of his short journey. Thanks to Matthew I had such a great expireince from my first seatmate at our school. He was someone worth crying for. A person like him will surely be with God at this time. Maybe his mission in this world had eneded up already and it's time for him to go. I wish him all the happiness specially now that he is with God.

This dedicated to Mrs. Arrogancia, mother of our friend James Matthew Arrogancio who just passed away this Saturday. Ma'am if ever you are reading this article, this article contains all your son's memory from our section, Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, 2009-2010. We are so thankful for you that you had bore such a wonderful child like him, without you we will never be able to meet him. And for our beloved Matthew, thank you for coming into our lives even in a short period of time you have shown us the meaning of friendship. We will miss you so much..... RANMARU.
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