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Why school is important.
”No more school! No more books! No more teachers’ dirty looks!”

         Some time between Mid-May and Mid-June we have all heard or uttered that phrase, as that’s the time that people between the ages of 5 and 18 years old rush out of the school doors, toss their books into the air, and go on vacation, along with plenty of college students on break for the semester. However, between Mid-August and Early-September, they hear that dreadful news, “Summer’s over! Buy your stuff and get back to class!” Then they have to go shopping, and buy what’s cool or hot, such as the latest clothes, and the pens, and the pencils, and the notebooks, and the folders, and so forth, all to be stuck someplace, for the next ten months. This is something we have all dealt with, though some of us had to deal with nuns who had three foot long rulers, and some of us had wireless laptops, depending on when we were last in school. Then there is college, the school one goes to after they graduate from school, so that they can get a higher-paying job.

         In any case, school is important to any person. At school, one can learn the skills that they need in life. There they will learn the three main “R”s, Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic. These three skills are what will lead one to become that lawyer, doctor, scientist, play-writer, and those sorts of things. I don’t know if they’ll help out with becoming a star athlete, or a physically demanding job, but they should help out in most other jobs, so even if one doesn’t plan to become a writer, knowing how to read and write is a big asset.

         Also, school can be the setting for some very good stories. For instance, you could have some romance going on, such as the star football player falling for that girl who is best in science class. Or you could have a horror story, in which most of the faculty, staff, and students have been taken over by some alien, and a group of misfits has to find a way to beat them and save the world. Of course, as most people know, “The Faculty” and “High School Musical” are both movies, but those movies had to be written first. The people had to use the skills that they learned in school to do this.

         So remember, no matter how much you disliked those “Dirty Looks”, reading, writing, and arithmetic will help you out.

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