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Thoughts of a soldier trapped in war.
The sounds of sirens roaring out like Thaumus calling us to death
In the quiet of the mid noon we get ready for their wrath
Cloud of smoke to the south
Cyanide capsule to my mouth
Ready to die, a suicide
Never to surrender
But say goodbye in pride

Sounds of jets of paratroopers echo loud in sky
Any moment clocks will stop before we give a try
All the guns are now rusted
The bigger flaks are now busted
Nowhere to run, its our turn
Totally we're out
We'll be shot and we will burn

Take the knives in hands
No! No! I know we cannot fight
But kill the first one who passes by

We shall not die in vain
The pain endured should be worth
That is what the blood of Mars wants

I can see them, I can see their shining guns
I can see them, but just wait for the fate
I can see them, I can see them moving to us
I can see them, I can see the fate.


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