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Rated: E · Poetry · Dark · #1700561
Love breaks the boundaries of pain and Hell itself.
Serenity Through Hell

By: Robert Kahil

Deep in the well,
I found the bloody pools of Hell.
Down into darkness I fall,
Where I then try to stand tall.
In blackness I knew
There was no serenity through Hell.

I found only pain
But I try to fight.
All is in vain
Trying for the light.
As my soul and spirits drain,
There are eyes of bright.
A passage has cleared
For serenity through Hell.

Fire I must embrace
In the beauty covered with lace.
Your voice is a guide
Against the deadly pride
Of the Black Bell.
You begin to tell
My dark heart of
Serenity through Hell.

"Follow me my love,
I am the bright dove.
Where I take you
Only a few
have gone.
It's a bright land
Along the black sand
of Hell.
My love please take my hand.
So I can take you,
For serenity through Hell."

There are no angels in Hell,
You can't tell?
Is my soul not to sell
To get serenity through Hell?

"No my love, you have been found
By a soul that is sound.
It is the love by which you are bound.
Now don't fear and flinch
Take my hand and clench.
We will find you
Serenity through Hell."

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1700561-Serenity-Through-Hell