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by Niase
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A moment of clarity, thinking outside the box for once. Feedback appreciated!
Where art thou?

I wonder where the effusive charm, nobility and chivalry depicted in English period dramas have gone. I certainly don't see it in the binge drinking, ungrateful and self absorbed modern young generation of UK.

One has to dig deep and look really hard before they come across someone who resonates of the bygone era of yesteryears. Yes the big modern cities are full of immigrants including many other unwholesome additions to modern UK. The ever ingratiating Government trying to please every Tom, Dick and Jane's whim and fancy and complain (of course) just so the politicians can sleep at night with a clear conscience. However it does not take away the fact that quintessential English charm is almost extinct. All I come across is cheap prime time reality TV, angry pensioners and uptight wealthy organic yuppies who always have to appear too busy to breathe for the sake of humanity. Yawn.

Get a grip people. Yes an excellent judicial system and a fantastic knack for seeing the bigger picture are not the only pre-emptive measures to keep UK in shape.

Why am I writing this post? I was bored as well as wishing I could have a cuppa with the Queen on a sunny English summer day under a canopy while the lilies and petunias dance a merry dance in the cool fresh breeze while the wide brimmed straw hats of fashionably well aged ladies flutter away nearby. Gentle controlled laughter and polite snickers everywhere. An eyebrow raised here and a lip twitched there. All very posh I daresay! The butlers scurrying about in royal haste, serving tea for the traditional and champagne for the more daring. Hmm...tea and scones anyone? Fresh delicious clotted cream with the finest raspberry preserve money can buy. Yumm!Thats a picture of sheer bliss...:D

With that note I bid thee farewell.

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