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by Niase
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Say What??

I was a social butterfly. I loved social gatherings. I loved parties. I loved all kinds of healthy merry-making. So I unwittingly tagged along to a party and jumped right in with a general group of absolute strangers. A party where merry folk were all around and general happy ambience was the call of the day.
An ex-friend once said I can make a friend out of a homeless person in record time. So you can see people’s point when they label me as a sociopath. I loved meeting people, sharing thoughts and talking. Yes I do love to talk. I am pathologically talkative but sadly this has led to many social faux pas. I am working on it. I am on Writing.com to start with. Now I write instead of talk. It is much healthier and a lot less embarrassing.

So I’m getting ready to mingle, foolish naive me. Thinking the world is my oyster so bring on the bubbly. I shake hands with the first smiling amiable person in sight and say hello. That marks an end to my social joie de vivre and leads to probing questions. They start with, ‘Where are you from?’

'I don't know' any more is the honest answer. You should see the raised eyebrows and the curiosity in their eyes.
Perhaps what gives the game away is that I seem to have developed a pseudo American accent, an unlikely affectation picked up from peers, Sesame Street and International Schools of the Middle-East. I was brought up in Saudi Arabia. But my folks are from somewhere else. Go figure. I'd like to think I am the one that ‘got away’. This is where I say ‘LOL’

I churned up a fat piece of topic that will be skimmed till it had zero calories of credibility. I am an immigrant Muslim woman to boast who does not wear the veil/burqha/hijab/rag. A good Muslim by my standards but I’m not overzealous about it.
Immigrants are a sore subject all over the world aren’t they? The poor sods, how dare we dream of better opportunities for ourselves and our families. We were born in the mud and must remain there and make the most of it like every one else. True we should.
Here is the amazing part we should but we don’t. The whole wide world is our oyster. And we want a piece of the action just like everyone else. We will face rejection, hate campaigns, isolation and misconception than give up capitalising on capitalism.

I occasionally suffer from depression, eating disorders, major financial mishaps, the list is endless.The purists will hail me as an ordinary human being going through the normal dysfunctional attributes of modern society.
This is again where we all laugh out loud. The irony of my existence never fails to amaze me. ‘Hahaha’ indeed.

So what does a pseudo immigrant Muslim woman have to say for herself- absolutely nothing?

Finally what do I think about the world’s misconception of me?

‘Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn!’
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