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My feelings about my now deceased laptop.
An electron out of place! An unusual voltage in the circuitry! Suddenly an abnormal electrical intensity and BOOOM! The laptop goes silent, its screen as black as the thoughts that crossed my mind.

What could have happened in the bowels of that (supposedly) fine piece of engineering. What unbalance in the electromagnetic fields, what unforeseen state in the CMOS transistors, what zero instead of a one, or one instead of a zero... or maybe a two suddenly appeared?

Three year's work nearly lost. Recent projects with fast approaching deadlines stopped. And all because the laptop decided to expire it's last, virtually, breath, for it was the fan that went mad a second before the crash.

And here I was, in front of it, cursing whatever engineer assembled that piece of junk. Why? Why, against all common sense did I bought it? Swindlers, pirates, XXI-century thieves! I curse thee, should a spark ignite each and every electronic device you have at your store!

But above all, I curse my laptop for leaving me without a warning, not even a blue screen of death, just a couple of weeks before the exams. May it (not) rest in peace.
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