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by Jeff
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Tribute to a fellow WdC member. Angel Army 10th B-Day Challenge #5.
I can't think of many people I admire more than Good luck Nano'ers! . I've only really gotten to know Brooke over the past couple of years on Writing.Com, but she's one of those few people I feel a strong bond and deep connection with, despite having ever only known her through this website. We've never spoken on the phone, and a select few Facebook photos are the only way we'd ever recognize one another on the street ... and yet Brooke is still a closer, better friend than many of the people I see and interact with on a daily basis, in my offline life.

Brooke's writing talent speaks for itself. She's a marvelous writer, capable of everything from short stories to poetry to articles and editorials, and I'm frequently impressed by not only her willingness to try a new form of writing, but the expertise and skill with which she manages to write it.

Her presence on Writing.Com is undeniable. She and I were promoted to Moderator at the same time, but even before her newest blue case color, Brooke was a shining example of what all WdC leaders should aspire to be. Her tireless work as leader of The Talent Pond has featured and encouraged a countless number of new readers and writers on the site, and her Mod Review Blitz activity every November is an extraordinarily original project designed to bring reviews and constructive feedback to an under-reviewed portion of the site's membership. And now that she's accepted a full-time editor position for the Noticing Newbies official newsletter, Brooke has cemented the fact (as if there were any doubt) that she's on this website to help others, and encourage writing and reviewing in all its forms, particularly among those who need it most.

Brooke's greatest asset, however, is the quality of her character. There are a lot of people around WdC who will encourage reviewing, or write a newsletter, or run a group dedicated to spreading positivity. Those things are all great, but they're not the main reasons why Brooke is so amazing. I adore my fellow moderator because she'll listen when I'm having a bad day out in the real world. She'll objectively weigh both sides of an argument when I'm running a contest and have an unhappy entrant. And she'll support her friends in any way possible, whether that's being a shoulder to lean on, a donor for an activity, a judge for a contest, or a friend who will celebrate with you when something good happens.

When it comes to the people on Writing.Com, Brooke is a one-in-a-million friend, community member, and moderator. She's talented, she's kind, and she's the type of person who can make you feel like you've got a best friend, even when you live across the country from one another and only speak via email and instant message.

Brooke is one of the best buddies I have, online or off. It's an honor to count such a talented woman among my friends.

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