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by Naomi
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They are real, these aliens.
*Note: The main character's name is spelt with an 'I' (eye) and not 'L'

“Damn it!” Agent Iora dumped the stack of research files onto the table, “These stupid damn fanatics are getting on my damn nerves!” She stomped up and down the strategy room. Sitting on the large arm chair at the head of the table was her partner Agent Kai, calmly sipping on a cup of hot tea, and right at the opposite end of the table was her personal secretary who was paid to follow the duo around, lightly banging her head to the heavy metal music that was plugged into her head.

“Relax Iora,” Kai suggested, “Sit down and have a cuppa tea. Its jasmine green.”

“Damn YOU Kai, sipping on tea at a time like this, when I have crazy hopping fanatics right outside yelling with plank cards, “Free the Aliens! Anti Alien Cruelty! Cruel Humans!” Iora yelled back.

Kai shrugged his shoulders, “Nothing we’ve never seen before. They get too close or too violent, they die; end of story. Now sit down and have some-“

“I’m not going to drink your DAMN TEA!” Iora marched out of the room. Kai took another sip of his tea and watched in fascination as the young lady opposite him jumped off her chair and shredded on her air guitar.

Iora roared in frustration, pausing to open the window and screamed: “SHUT THE HELL UP YOU FREAKS!” No one seemed to hear her, and the security guard by the elevator shifted his hand to his pistol in caution. Iora stormed down the hallway and turned to the guard, “What you looking at!” His eyes just calmly followed her.

She continued down the stairway, cursing aloud every step, and finally stopped when she reached a clear glass elevator that was hidden in a room behind the metal door two floors down. Straightening her suit, she flashed her ID at the soldier, who nodded and led her into the cubicle. Once the door closed, she continued cursing under her breath, fidgeting and hoping that the escort beside her would ignore her. The glass cubicle slowed to a stop and the doors ‘whooshed’ open, allowing a line of white gas to escape. The room was cold, and Iora had stopped cursing. The soldier let her out and brought the cubicle back up the 200 floors.

Iora calmly walked to the metal door ahead of her and was stopped by the guard in full armour and gas mask. “Your eye please.” He brought a retinal scanner up to her eye. “Agent Iora Moss, you are cleared to enter.”

The door was opened and she walked through a whole series of checks and doors. The last door opened, and she heard a familiar voice. “Ah, Iora! Glad to see you down here. I heard it’s just absolute chaos up there!” a middle aged man picked her up in a bear hug. Greg Bear was just as his name suggested, he was tall, standing at 2 metres and he was an expert in the subject of unidentified life forms, namely aliens. “Urgh Greg, put me down,” Iora choked. “Oh! Sorry.” He released her.

Readjusting her suit, she cleared her throat and turned to Greg. “Updates please,” she requested. “Oh! Right! Erm,” he flipped out a file. “We have been observing the creatures for the whole 2 weeks. We have yet to understand most of what they are saying. However, we have managed to gather some interesting findings.” Iora started walking down the hall to the next room. “Explain,” she ordered.

“These Sojourners as we have come to call them believe that our planet earth was formed and born on April 12, 1961.” He spoke quickly. “Reasonable,” she thought aloud, “since that was our first trip to space, I believe they would assume that. Where are these aliens now?”

“Sojourners Iora, Sojourners. They are in their cell watching Phineas and Ferb on Nickelodeon as we speak,” he paused as Iora interrupted, “Nickelodeon?!”

He continued.“Allow me to explain, they have apparently learnt languages from constant interaction and mooching off our satellites, to tap into our media stations all over the world! These languages have not yet been fully identified, as our visitors still have limited knowledge on the majority of our spoke languages. They are still however working on English, seeing as it is one of the more difficult languages to learn. Therefore, we were hoping that exposing them to our media communications may enable them to explain to us their raison d’ĂȘtre, if you catch my drift.”

She nodded as they entered the observation room. She was amused, seeing four figures, standing at four metres tall, staring at the 21 inch plasma television ahead of them. She took a deep breath and entered the room. Their gaze slowly turned from the television to the new presence in the room, except for one, till his comrade nudged him.

One of them walked toward her, it had yellow paint smeared along its chest in 3 parallel lines, while the others had smaller markings. The Leader, she assumed.

“Hand…” it said to her.

She obediently stretched out her right hand.

“Yes…” it said, touching her palm. “You are the one we wanted to see… you share the blood… blood..”


“Yes, first human. You share its blood….”

Did this ALIEN just call a human an ‘IT’? “I don’t understand…”

“We have come to give you a gift..”

Iora raised her eye brows. “Hyeah, right” she snorted.

The creature suddenly lifted his hand to her chest, and a shocking blue light shot out from his palm. “A gift, from the creator…” it said as Iora’s eyes started to turn blue, “The gift of foresight…”

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