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Intro to my Interactive. Two friends discover the truth about their races' history
"Now Jessabel, remember, you must be presentable at all times," said an elderly anthro vixen.

"Yes Aunt Jesica," said a young female fox anthro, with a sigh. "You've told me once and a thousand times before."

"And for goodness sake, stop carrying that pet human everywhere you go," the older vixen said, as she pointed to a young male human, who was a foot in height, and seemed to have a blank look on his face. "You're eighteen years old, more than old enough to start leaving your pets at home."

"Yes Aunt Jesica," Jessabel said, with a groan.

"I mean, I have no idea as to why your father let you bring him with you when he sent you to me before he was killed by those thieves who broke into his home," the older vixen said as she went into the kitchen to work on the dinner for the night's party to celebrate Jessabel's coming-of-age.

As she watched the woman leave, Jessabel went upstairs to the room that she had slept in for the past six years and sat down on the bed.

"What do I do, Jay?" Jessabel, who preferred to be called Jessy, asked, as she looked at the human, whose face seemed to come alive.

"Well, you could always shrink me," he said, with a smile.

"You know that I don't like to do that," Jessy said, with a sigh. "I mean, father could grow you to four times your current size and me, I'm lucky to grow you a foot before you start to have those headaches."

"I know," the human, Jay, said, with a sigh. "He also taught me how to read and write as well."

"He taught you how to speak properly too," Jessy said, as she looked out the window. "Most of the humans everyone else has can barely speak full and complete sentences."

"I know," Jay said. "That's why he told me to play dumb when others, except for you and him, were around. I just wonder what really happened to him."

"So do I, Jay," Jessy said, as she gave the human a kiss on the top of his head, and slowly shrank him. "So do I."

Later that night, after the party was over, Jessy was looking out the window.

"How did you do it?" she asked herself. "How did you grow Jay, father?"

Suddenly, Jessy remembered something. She remembered that every time that her father shrank or grew Jay, he would put on a fingerless metallic glove.

"Could that have something to do with it?" she wondered.


A few days later, Jessy was walking around her old town, seeing how much of it had changed.

"I wonder if the old place is still around?" she asked out loud.

"It could be," was Jay's response, from inside of a small carrying case.

"I don't know, Jay," Jessy said. "So much has changed since father sent me and you to my aunt's place so that she could raise me to be a 'Proper young vixen' or whatever."

"Well, you have to admit," Jay said. "The fact that he sent us to your aunt's probably saved your life, since those thieves showed up and killed him a few days after he did it."

"I know," Jessy said. "I just wish that he had survived the wounds that they gave him. I miss him."

"I know, Jessy," Jay said. "I know."


Less than twenty minutes later, as Jessy walked down her old street, she was surprised to see the old house still standing. However, there was a sign that said "Condemned by order of the Government." It was also scheduled to be demolished that day. Also, the place was locked.

"How are we going to get in Jay?" she asked.

"How about the backdoor?" Jay asked. "I remember that it couldn't lock quite right and when you were younger, you would use it to sneak in and out at night."

"You're right," Jessy said with a smile. "I had forgotten about that."


A while later, Jess was inside the house. It was full of dust and cobwebs.

"I'm surprised that the bank didn't try to sell the place after dad died," Jessy said. "I wonder why."

"Well we better find this glove that your father used before the demolition crew shows up," Jay said. "The sign said that it would be done at five o'clock in the afternoon."

"And it's three now," Jessy said, as she looked at her wristwatch. "We best get looking."


However, an hour and thirty minutes later, they still hadn't found any sign of the glove.

"Father, where is it?" Jessy ask. "Where did you put it?"

"Hey, have we tried pulling a book from the bookcase yet?" Jay asked, with a chuckle, as he pointed at the only thing that remained undisturbed, a large wooden bookcase that had several dozen scientific books on it.

"You know that only works in the movies, right?" Jessy asked, as she looked at her pet, who had been like a brother to her ever since her father had bought him when they were nine years old, shortly after her mother died.

"Well think about it," he said. "We've tried everything else, and it would be the last place that anyone would look."

"You might be onto something with that," Jessy said, as she started pulling the books out.

Their search was not in vain, because just as Jessy pulled the last book, which was, of all things, a book on how to hide things in plain sight, the bookcase rotated, and Jessy and Jay found themselves in a hidden room.

"Definitely wasn't expecting that," Jessy said, as she sat down on the ground.

However, in doing so, she hit a switch, which turned a projector on, causing it to play. The image on the screen showed her father in the room.

"Jessy," he said. "If you are seeing this, chances are that I am either dead or arrested and considered a traitor to the government."

Then, the long dead fox sighed.

"Jessy, I have so much to tell you, but so little time," he said. "However, I can tell you this. Shortly after your mother died from pneumonia, I found a book, but not just any book, a book written by, and for, humans. All it was, was a simple magic trick book, where I learned how to pull a coin from your ears and how I always knew what card you had picked. However, it also showed me that humans once were, at least, close to the size of the average anthro. Now, while I don't know how it happened, or why, I decided to work on a device that increased my ability to shrink or grow living beings, to see if it was possible to increase the size of a human beyond the one foot mark. I'll admit that I used Jay as my test subject to see if it would work, while the two of you were asleep one night. At first, the device didn't work, until a piece of my hair fell onto it, and completed a circuit. After that, Jay began to grow, to four times the size most humans are supposed to be. Also, and I must apologize for this, I tested it on you, and I found out that I was able to shrink you like if you were a human. I hope that you can forgive me for making you a little short, as it were."

"I was wondering why my clothes were a little loose a few times myself father," Jessy said, as she put her hands on the screen, as if to touch her father.

"Anyways," the man said, continuing. "I found out that four feet was about the average height for most people at his age. If my calculations are correct, his real height should be, when he is about twenty years old, six foot two inches."

At this, both Jay and Jessy gasped.

"I'm only five foot eight," Jessy said. "It's hard to imagine that you should be a full six inches taller than me."

"I know Jessy," Jay said. "But I think that we should watch the rest and find the glove soon. We have less than ten minutes."

"I have hidden the glove and the book in the safe behind this projector screen," the dead fox's voice said. "The combination is your birthday followed by your mother's backwards."

With that, Jessy pushed the screen to the side, saw the safe and entered her birthday, followed by her mother's. However, the safe wouldn't open.

"Oh come on!" she said. "I entered my birthday, and mother's correctly!"

"He did say backwards after he said your mother's birthday," Jay said. "Maybe her birthday should be entered backwards?"

"You're right," Jessy said, as she punched the numbers in.

This time, their efforts were rewarded, with the safe opening, and showing them a book and a metallic fingerless glove.

"I suggest that you grab them and go," Jay said.

"Yeah, but how do we get out?" Jessy asked, as she grabbed the items, and put them in her pocket.

She then saw a sign that said, "Jessy, in case of emergency, say 'Uncle.'"

"What does that mean," she said. "Why would I want to give up?"

"Just say 'Uncle'", Jay said. "It could be a way to get out."

"I'll give it a shot," Jessy said, as she heard the whine of a demolition machine start up, and started to cause the house to shake as it smashed down the walls. "UNCLE!"

Suddenly, a bright light enveloped her and Jay and the two of them found themselves in a field outside of town.

"Wow!" Jay said. "That was new."

"I'll say," Jessy said. "I thought that it was illegal to have a personal teleportation device."

"I guess he built it in secret," Jay said.

"Yeah, I guess you are right Jay," Jessy said. "You usually are."

"Say, let's see if that device works," Jay said, as he looked down at the pocket on Jessy's pair of pants.

"I don't know Jay," Jessy said. "It might not work after all these years."

"Just try it," Jay said. "What have you got to lose?"

"You," the vixen said. "I mean, you have always been there for me."

"Aw, I didn't know that you cared for me," Jay said with a chuckle.

"Oh you," Jessy said, as she set the human down, got the device out and put it on her hand.

She then stepped back, and tried to make Jay grow. However the device didn't work.

"It's not working," she said.

"Try putting your hair on it," Jay said. "That's how your father said it worked for him."

"All right," Jessy said, as she pulled a piece of hair from her head and tried it again.

This time, it worked, and Jay was soon looking down into Jessy's eyes for the first time in six years.

"It looks like it works," he said, his voice sounding slightly deeper than normal.

"Yeah, I guess so," Jessy said, as she looked at the handsome man before her, and started to blush under her red fur. "Um, I best shrink you back down to your normal size."

"Yeah," Jay said. "After all, we don't need to draw attention to ourselves."

"You do realize what this means," Jessy said, as she shrank Jay back down to his usual size.

"I got the idea," Jay said. "We'll be considered traitors of the government if anyone finds out."

"No," Jessy said. "Your species should be free."

"I don't know Jessy," Jay said. "Most humans are content with their lot in life."

"True," Jessy said. "But still, your kind should be free."

"Maybe," Jay said. "But still, we'll need a lot of help, and we could be executed, like your father probably was when he was killed."

"I know," Jessy said, as she picked him up. "But I think that that is what he would want."

"Well, the sooner we start, the sooner that that dream will come true," Jay said. "Count me in."

It was at that moment, that the fight to free humans started. Two young people, who were not even twenty, decided the future of humanity forever.

Over the next several years, the two started to form the group, which tended to consist of those whose parents were executed by the government, humans that where bought from pet stores, people who wished to see humans get better treatment, and so forth. The group called itself HG, which stood for Human Growth. A few of them had been part of the armed forces, and proceeded to train the others, including the humans, especially after the shrink/growth device had been duplicated and was fully functional. The groups would raid government buildings, free political prisoners, hijack the airways, spread their message, and so forth. However, while they would take prisoners, they always treated them with respect, and would give them the choice of joining. If they refused to join, they would be knocked out, and dropped off along the outskirts of the nearest city, as the group was constantly on the move and would break itself up every so often, with small numbers going one place or another. This would do two things, the government couldn't find all of them, and those small groups could form sub-groups of the HG, all of which reported to Jessy and Jay.

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