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by Marcus
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A short diary entry from a while ago.
It was silly to have done it over a pen really.
It would have been better to have done it over something really important, like a burned pizza or a cold Sunday morning breakfast plate (especially if the eggs were watery again)
But timing is everything and as everything is apparently written...it was over a pen.
This pen in fact, a slim black Mont Blanc roller ball, which I have just picked up, in my shaking hand as I reviewed the scene.
The crime scene as it would later be told in court and printed in The Times.
I always wanted to get into The Times.
But I had envisaged penning a humorous letter or having a story featured in the magazine and receiving a huge cheque in the post.
Now I was to be featured as the culprit and my story was in the crime news section...and...I was guilty.
I would plead guilty of manslaughter under duress and to call several witnesses to aid my defence.
Those who knew me and my previous good character and those who knew the victim and understood what I had been subjected too.
And even though my own character witnesses would outnumber hers, I was still guilty and all I could think about was ...how quiet it was now.

Written in 2007
Posted on WDC 4th September 2008
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