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Can you answer the riddle in the tittle? Read to understand this.
The title is pretty confusing right? The topic is neither about our eyes nor about ghost, it about friendship. You might be asking yourself what’s the connection of the title to be the topic, well the listen to my storyso you could understand pretty well. When I first heard the phrase you see but you can't I honestly didn't get it first, I almost wasted 30 minutes of my life just thinking about that phrase. But wait a second, where did I get this idea?


It was Sunday morning I was watching TV, trying to cope with the boring atmosphere at our house. I took the remote control and started changing the channel of the TV; I kept on clicking the remote until I accidentally turned into a certain channel. I was supposed to turn it on the other channel when something weird stopped me. The first character in the show said this, “Have you figure out the answer to my riddle?” The second guy answered, “Yes, You see but you can’t. The answer is friends.” Then the first one explained, “Humans are dense, they can’t see things even if it is in front of their faces. Though their friends are just in front of them they refuse to see it their selves, that is why you can see it but you can’t.”


Haven’t you even thought of this once? Why do people keep seeking though what they are looking is just in front of them? You know actually no one is really lonely, no one is alone. We have friends we just reject to see them because we are actually frighten that somehow we are not just the one who feel lonely and it’s just us who feels that, that the truth is we are not alone, that we are wrong. We see them but we refuse to accept that they are present. We always think that they were never there though they are in fact there.

Our eyes could see beyond what we think we could but we never tried to. Humans are only humans; sometimes we become blind and couldn’t see things that are before us. But I just wish that those who are blinded could try seeing before it’s just too late for them to realize that they are not alone.

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