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Lusting for a man -- or is it an amalgam of men, creating one perfect man ?
“I Want”

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ahhhhh, there he is again
Standing at my stoop again
“I want…” I whisper
Catching in my
Throat again...
His dark and welcome presence

Just inside my door
His sin is crippling
I dream my dress
He’s ripping

White-hot heat
Blackness and coal
“I want…” I whisper

Hard and sharp
Between my legs
I grasp my thighs,
Wake up! I’m screaming
I am lusting, dreaming

I see and feel
What he cannot hide
It’s –
A mountain I must climb
I smile inside
(Despite myself)
I grab hold
It’s –
Warmth returning
Time to take
That delicious ride

It’s –
Lunging toward me
Throbbing, succulent
“I want…” I whisper…
Inside, inside
Ssssssssssssssssweat and syrup
Languid, luscious
Lips are moving
Gently curving
Cruelly saying…

I don’t know
‘Cause ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Listening ears aren’t hearing
Language and Patience
Completely left me

Words replaced by
Aching, throbbing and
My hunger, heat and wanting….
“I want…” I whisper
The depraved
Endless, craven, craving

Wet and licking
My fingers
The marble of his, well…
(You see? That’s what ---
That’s what always gets me)

I whisper in his ear
What no one will ever hear -
“Lean back
Lean back my dear,
Hold on tight
Wanting is over
And now --
You’re in trouble.”
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