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Perhaps I could have a winner here? Please be brutal. MS is finished &edited 7 times.
1) Would you read this book?
2) Does everything make sense?
3) Please note specific things you would change.

Dear Agent:

Evelyn Harper is no damsel in distress. A lifetime of childhood abuse has taught her to rely only on herself. Not being able to control her ability to hear and manipulate the thoughts of others hasn’t helped her social skills. But when she intercepts the thoughts of a woman being attacked, Evelyn makes the choice to break one of her own rules. Never get involved.

Chloe, the woman she saves, is the daughter of a controversial senator. She also happens to be everything Evelyn wishes she could be - frivolous, funny, trusting, and, kind. Despite her reservations, Evelyn is drawn to the woman. When a political scandal claims the life of someone close to her, Chloe turns to her for help once again.

Having a friend is rare, but keeping one harder. With her knack for survival, and a supernatural arsenal, Evelyn is determined to find out who’s threatening Chloe, and stop them. No matter what it takes.

Please consider MARTYR for representation. Judging by your interest in thrillers and strong female leads, I believe this paranormal thriller would be a good fit. It is complete at 75,000 words and is a standalone novel with series potential.

Thank you for your time. The first 10 pages have been included.


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