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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #1708620
For a man that knows all about women will learn from a man that knows nothing about them.
The bartender stares at the man while he pounds down his 8th Jack and coke.
“You ok Jake” the bartenders asks.
“Yes Mark im fine!.. Just one of those nights my friend one of those nights”. Jake replies

Jake love the little hole in the wall bar that was located in the middle of nowhere in Cali, He loved it because it was the one thing that never changed for him there wasn’t a big hype fancy signs or stuck up preppy people that worry more about the way the look on the outside than the image that they actually portrayed. The people never changed there was always the same group of ten alcoholics that no matter what day of the year you went there they were always present. There were two things that Jake loved about that little bar , one it was always open no matter the day and two no one ever judge anyone there . The bars name was called Marks getaway where they’ll pay you to leave but you’ll pay to stay. Mark was the owner from what he shared with Jake the bar was passed down from generation to generation to the first male born son of the family. Jake loved talking to Mark the bartender because Jake being catholic saw Mark like his own personal priest the only difference was that he can curse while he delivered his confession. On this night however there was something different about the bar you had your ten usual drunks but there was a group of people that Jake had never seen before. It was a group of older gentleman that there suits looked liked they had just come out of the cleaners you knew they had money and that a place like this did not fit in their high society type living they stuck out more than a prostitute in a convent. One caught Jakes eye he looked familiar but Jake just couldn’t figure out why.

<Mark> So Jake tell me what’s going on why are you pounding away Jack and cokes like if they are water? I haven’t seen you like this since you know the Diamond incident.

Jake looks up at him and sighs

<Jake> Women Mark... They are the root of all evil , they can take you to paradise and turn it into hell, as more and more time passes by I realize that all women are whores with the exception of mothers . But you and I know that even mothers can be the biggest whores in the world.

<Mark> Ahh yes I remember Mrs. Maxwell. I knew this was deep if your referencing the Diamond issue this is big what’s going on Jake you can tell me and you know that they guys here well they know all our secrets we are a family are we not.

<Jake> that we are Mark that we are... fine… bring the boys in tell them its story time.

Mark the bartender calls all the guys in. They all huddle up like a bunch of preschoolers gathering around their teacher for story time even the new guys that Jake had never seen gather around him with their beers an listened tentatively as Jake began. Jake begins telling his story about a nameless woman that he loved dearly but can never have , his story turns sour when he mentions that he blew it with her because he chose to forget her and go for a woman that was not her equal but she gave him what the other one never did a chance. The more Jake talked the more he consumed Jack and coke his story telling turned into women bashing stating how women have no sense of pride and will betray a man for the BBF the bigger better fuck and 87% percent of the time that’s what he was. Before he can finish berating women Jake gets interrupted by the gentleman in the group that had caught his eye earlier. He was a well built man his hair showed a bit of gray very well dress. A man that Jake couldn’t help but stop and admire, Jake was impressed at the fact the gentleman interrupted him in the most polite manner ever.

<Gentleman> Excuse me sir , I beg of you that in my presence you never berate the female species.

Jake looked at him surprised and answered

<Jake> Sir with all due respect I consider this to be my house more than yours, my sanctuary if you will, you are no more than a guest in my house however, you are entitled to your opinion as am I. . I don’t berate women when I talk I just tell the truth about them ,and how badly they repay the love of the men that have them or the plain old nice guys that are stupid enough to follow them around and if anyone thinks differently like yourself then it is because that person has never been betrayed.

The gentleman begins to laugh looks Jake straight in the eyes and says,

<Gentleman> Jake my name is Lionel! , and my boy I am one of the few men here that can consider myself one like you . You see I am one that has failed miserably with woman and every single one of them has left me weeping and with my soul and heart shattered into a million pieces. But not once have I berated them for my wounds, you see you have to suffer when you love someone. Good or bad the best times, years, months, days, hours and minutes of my life I have spend them in the arms of a woman.

Jake looked at him and saw there was pain in his eyes, he knows that pain. That’s the pain of a betrayed man it’s the pain that he sees every day. It’s the pain he sees every time he looks into a mirror.

<Jake> Lionel you get your wish my friend , I will not talk bad about them and I want to buy your next round . by the way my real name is Jorge Paredes my customers, my lovers and my good friends now me as Jake, and it’s a pleasure to meet you . I have to ask you what are you doing in a place like this? . its obvious you and your boys don’t belong here your not one of us. You and I share a lot of things in common but what is the purpose of you being here.

Lionel pounds the Jack and coke thanks Jake for his company and pays for the drinks of everyone in the bar he looks at Jake and pays the bartender 4 grand.

<Lionel> This Jake ,, I mean Jorge is for the remainder of the drinks that you might have tonight and for the lesson that you thought me and the one that I thought you.

<Jake> Thanks Lionel but I don’t understand, I get the not to berate women and just enjoy the moments I have with them, I understand that’s what you just taught me but how do I do it how do I let go and how did I teach you anything?

Lionel heads to the door but before he leaves he answers all of Jake’s questions

<Lionel> Jake you showed me how to hold my emotions you showed me what I need to be like in order to please my wife, you showed me what I lacked what women like how and asshole can start of as an asshole at the beginning of the night and turn into a decent man by the end of the night and to answer your question on how you deal with things an let go . Face your problems head on hell you can even do what I did .. you can sit, have a conversation and buy the man that fucked your wife a drink an get to know who he really is . Thank you for everything Jake have a good night.

Lionel and his friends exit , Jake is left alone thinking about the lesson that he just received. He continues to drink turns to Mark and just says

<Jake> “its one of those nights my friend one of those nights”.
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