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A free flow poem or is it a song born out of listening to meatloaf songs.
A Poem by Ronin

Between the devils and the angels

we are caught up in the crossfire between heaven and hell

A fire is burning in my soul

when i see the hoary dreams of a charlatans eagles

I realize my time is gone

The streets on fire

with my lady's desire

Tattooed in hell

While guitars crashed

And drums did roll

The man with the tigers eye trying to save my soul

The reaper walks among us

He knows all our names

And hangs out with Bacchus

Dreaming of the purging flames

And sitting up high on the rock

Watching the raggedy man heels clocking on the dock

With Hitchcock eyes and a warlocks speech

fingernails trailing blackboard screech

Another switchblade night

silhouetted lovers in the moons cadaverous back-light

Lips lingering, fingers browsing a virgins delight

Shake this town from your back

Before it bears down and you become a throwback

you know not what it is you do

This ain't no haiku

Nobodies mental kung-fu

Its just a flow from my cranial fu man chew

Words dripping in ones and two

come to my keyboard via digital virtue.

© 2010 Ronin
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