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by LM Lee
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A comparison of the ACLU to the Founders of
It may seem like a strange comparison, but its true, our Founders were more like the ACLU than any other Organization that exists today. The difference was, that in a Monarchy, when a king grows tired, or bored of constant attempts to petition for redress, he can order your arrest and execution without any legal justification whatsoever. Branded traitors and heretics, that's exactly what happened. The ACLU may have a better reputation today than the founders had at court, in fact.

People just don't see it today, they don't understand the situation the founders were in, the death warrants that were already signed, they had no choice but to try or die.

I for one am glad they decided to fight.  This nation barely resembled a country that one would equate as free or liberal, there was no equality. Native American persecution was rampant and a wound on the general moral and history of the country that is still haunting us today and slavery, bondage, indentured servitude, debtors prison too, all constant reminders that all was not well, but through it all they had an epiphany, and forced into creating a sovereign nation where none existed before decided to create a Free country and to fight to the death to win it. With all of their experience petitioning the king, studying the laws of nations, they wrote and approved the first contract recognizing the peoples right to govern. The United States Constitution.

The ACLU is their godchild.

"Merchants Have no Country" ~ Thomas Jefferson
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