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Rated: E · Poetry · Sci-fi · #1709827
a strange space ship lands in a park near a neighborhood
The strange ship

It was a warm summer night
The stars hung bright in the sky
A full moon gave off an eerie glow
There was a peaceful calm in the park
The pine trees stood tall in the dark

Suddenly lights streaked across the sky
They were too fast to be a jet
And too erratic to be from our world
The calm was broken as the lights spun around
Slowly a large oval ship descended without a sound

Neighbors emerged from their houses
While hiding they watched the strange ship
Lights blinked slowly on all sides
Residents stood watching the site
And the vehicle that interrupted the night

Then in the blink of an eye
The lights spun faster and faster
As the strange ship ascended
The lights again streaked across the sky
All around the park there was a big sigh

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