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A little bit of information about Fanfiction
September Newsletter


         Many people have a favorite series, we all have them. It might be that set of books, like the Redwall series. Or it could be a set of movies, like the Mad Max series. Then again, there are games, like the StarCraft or WarCraft series. Most people have ideas to make stories based off of them. Some actually put pen to paper and write them out. This is what is known as Fanfiction.

         When it comes to Fanfiction, it helps to stick to the basic truth of the story, or to the personality of the character. For instance, if you want to do a story about someone in the StarCraft universe, you have to use the correct terminology, and know what has happened. You have to know about how a good percentage of Terran soldiers are re-socialized criminals. You need to know that they are re-socialized by the use of neural implants. In fact, you need to know that Terrans are descendants of criminals from Earth, who got lost and ended up in a different sector of space. You also need to know about the various factions, like the Confederacy, the Dominion, the UED, Raynor’s Raiders, the numerous Protoss tribes, and of course, the Zerg, and the various Zerg broods. These show what you know, and let your readers know that you know what you’re talking about, and not completely making things up.

         Another sort of Fanfiction is where you take a person, who is well known, and write a “What If” scenario, in which they do things that they wouldn’t do. For instance, your character could be well-known for being the main good guy in his movies, but you decide to do something that turns him into a killer, as it were. Of course, you still have to do it in a manner that’s still “In Character” for the person. That can be tricky, unless you know them quite well, in one way or another.

         A third sort of Fanfiction is where you are inspired by a story or something, but your idea goes off in a different direction. The original story might involve an exchange-student program, in which a human goes to an alien school. However, your story has that the aliens took over the Earth and enslaved humans in some fashion, and now a rebellion is going on, in which humans and sympathetic aliens are fighting for humanities’ freedom. Of course, it is always polite to give credit where credit is due, and give the person some respect.

         Then there is a forth type of Fanfiction. In this sort of fanfiction, you take a well known universe, like the DC Universe, or Marvel Universe, and create your own version of it. You could create new characters, have the villains turn over new leaves, have kids, and just deal with the children. Of course, there are always those temptations.

         Of course, as the name Fanfiction implies, this is something that fans of stories, games, and movies create. So go have fun, you fans of fiction. *Bigsmile*

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