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Teachers with far left views using Politically correct text books.
I believe that the American dream is about to disappear. In the last five years we have seen our country fall deeply into debt.  For the first two years the Democratic Party had control with a far left President, and together they have put us on a path of sure destruction and poverty.  The far left progressives have come out of the closet to try their unproven ideology.  For years now the colleges have been, and still are, a haven for liberalism and a chance for professors to fill fresh minds with Progressive Liberal ideas. Now those same students have become the teachers of today, and the result is that our children are learning these far left ideas much earlier in life than their teachers did. They are being taught that the Gay lifestyle is natural and acceptable.  They are being taught that we don't speak in public about our Christian values, but its alright to discuss Islam.  Our children are being encouraged not to discuss what they learn in the classroom with their parents. Sexual education is graphically taught to kids as early as six and seven years of age.

Today's teachers and the new misleading textbooks are forming your Children with values you would have never wanted them to learn.  Don't let these values become your child's values.  In my humble opinion, we cannot trust our children to teachers that have an agenda.      I am not saying that there are no good teachers left, but they are far and few between. Most of our union teachers have bought the far left ideology of their professors, and agree with it to the core. What has become of providing a solid basic foundation of learning and then letting the student adopt his or her own ideology? These same teachers are now cramming the same unproven and dangerous far left ideas, and perversions into even younger minds.  What can the public do about it?

We can make our voices heard at the voting booth and town counsel meetings; we can attend the school board meetings.  We must make every effort to insure that our children's minds are not stolen.  We must go back to basics: Teaching only reading, writing, arithmetic and truth- based history that's founded on the real evidence of the historical record.  Using textbooks that have not been changed to please any ethnic group, or to uplift the self-esteem of any group for any reason.  All historical events should be told as accurately as possible. Political correctness should never be considered as it sacrifices the recorded events, and in the end effects history and changes our society in a destructive way.

Special interest groups such as Gay and Lesbian groups have forced their agenda on our children as a viable way of life.  I'm not suggesting that the Gay and Lesbian groups go back into the closet, but their agenda has no place in the classroom.  Another group that has made it into the classroom is the Islamic Muslim religion.  On the other hand, if a child brings up his or her Christian faith or uses the name of Jesus Christ, all hell breaks out.  Teaching is an honorable profession, only if, the teacher is teaching and not indoctrinating.  We must get back to the values that made America the envy of the world.
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