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My thoughts on nuclear warfare and if we should be worried or not
This is a statement of my oppinion and a presentation of some facts so dont take everything I say literally. There is a reason for this document and to put it simply is that I fear for the earth as a whole.

        Ok so lately ive been having nightmares and they have mostly been about nuclear apocalypses. Thats about the time  realized that we are sitting behind a loaded gun so to speak. Just about every important country has nuclear war heads and as it turns out nothing is really being done to prevent more nuke from being manufactured. And I ask what is the use of owning these nukes in the first place? The answer is there is no practicle use.

      I live in the U.S. The fact that we are maybe the most hated nation in the world doesnt exactly help our position either. We might as well paint a giant target on D.C. while we are at it. We desperately need to figure out a way to make nuclear warefare obsolete soon or we all might be in trouble. If even one nuke goes off the fallout could cover the the skies and start whats called a nuclear ice age making it so the sun cant heat up the earth starting an ice age maybe even worse than the original ice age.

      If a nuke went off complete and utter anarchy would ensue and social and financial order would colapse. Rioters and looters would consume the streets no store nor bank would be safe. Chaos would end up being the norm and it would become an eat or be eaten type of world. Where everyone fights for every meal. There would be no laws, gangs would roam the streets. law enforcement officers would be stretched thin between everything that would be happening at the time so not all illegal activities would be stopped.

    I feel like not enough is being done and if we dont do something soon to stop it we could be looking at the exstinction of the human race.

Signed Jayten Tentaru. Please comment   

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