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the prologue and first chapter of a fantasy story I'm writing. Still need to fix things.
Prologue: The history
The first time I ever saw them was when I was eight, I believed them to be beautiful majestic and ferocious creatures, they seemed so graceful, and yet untouchable by us mortal humans. I respected them, hoping that one day I might have the honor of meeting one… well I’ve met one, and they are ferocious creatures. They were discovered in 2057, we found them on a distant planet; they were desperate for help, their planet was dying. I guess you could describe these creatures as a canid type specie, or more precisely wolf; but instead of fur they had what seemed like hardened scales, almost armor on them, they have also been measured up to ten feet tall when on all fours.
When I reached a certain age I had started looking at the bigger picture, and that being that these beasts had been using mankind as their food source. The government had known of their intentions from the start, and had struck a deal with these monstrosities; but as a few years passed a government official had been killed, and the higher ups, fearing death, called for all out war, and they achieved that.
The war started in October of 2075, the hounds of hell had been unleashed, and they were nipping at the heels of humanity. These creatures were reluctant to die, their scales acting as class 5 armor; basic infantry weaponry had little effect. The government watched as their men were being extinguished quickly, and went into hiding, but to no avail, these creatures found them and killed them. Quickly following their death was pure and utter chaos, but the war was effectively over, only three years and they had won.
Humanity quickly adjusted after all the world leaders were killed, many of us learned to fight them, kill them with little to no effort, most of us would only kill them if they were trying to kill us. Some of us hated them, and wanted revenge, and if we got a chance we killed them without fail. Humanity had survived this threat so far, and the creatures were slowly dwindling in numbers, we had cut off their main food source, and they were starving. They had not anticipated that humanity would be so resilient, so fierce, so cold, and so calculating. Some of their kind began to explore earth’s alternative food source, plants (at this point any edible creatures other than humans had become extinct). Many of their kind started to become more feral as a result of living off of pure instinct, while we stayed intelligent, and logical.

Chapter 1: My life so far

My name is Jack and my tale is simple. I was a New Yorker, and as I said before, when I was eight I looked at these creatures with astonishment and intrigue, not knowing the terrible truth of their reason for being here. Though as time continued I had discovered the truth, though I had learned of their secret in a terrible way; it was a week after I had turned fourteen, I had been at a friend’s house on that day, and when I arrived back home I saw what a child should never see. I came home to find that one of those unholy beasts was devouring my parents, I stared at it dumbfounded by this, then it turned towards me, hunger in its eyes, and I ran. The beast gave chase, but I had traversed these roads before, I knew all of the escape routes, so I went towards an old condemned warehouse ready for demolition, and found an old machine, a wrecking ball I remember it being called, and hopped in. The creature sniffed around for me and went right where I wanted him, I pushed a lever, hoping it would do something to the creature, and to my surprised the wrecking ball came crashing down on the wolf like beast, crushing its head.
After that ordeal I hated those creatures, I wouldn’t even look at one unless it was through the sights on my rifle. I hated them and wanted revenge, so besides studying them, I trained, I trained to be an expert at killing them; knowing that they would kill me just out of hunger, I would kill them any chance I could get. Over the years I read through book after endless book to further my intelligence, knowing full well that in the future I may have to teach many of the surviving inhabitants. Six years after that traumatizing day I had become able to kill their kind with one shot from a rifle; I had become a cold-hearted killer, able to kill their kind with ease, and without any ill feelings after. It had been two years since the war ended, and I knew we had lost, it was inevitable from the start, but the government was too blinded by fear to understand that a full frontal assault would not work on these animalistic beings. Those who survived were some of the most intelligent, athletic, and cunning of our world, and those of us left thought that hopefully humanity would flush out those parasitic creatures.
It had been three years since any one of those beasts had seen me without being fatally wounded first. My rifle wasn’t the only weapon I carried on my person, I also carried a knife made from the scales of one of the creatures I killed, and a .44 magnum. From my experience, I had learned all of the weak points on their bodies, in other words where their armor was weakest, and I took pride in being able to kill them using those places.
I was very good at keeping hidden from those creatures, and as a result of this I hadn’t seen a human being in over eight months. This wasn’t the most cordial of meetings either, the last person I had seen was one of the last victims of these brutes, though it didn’t live long after I had found it’s nesting area. I created a place for myself in one of the more intact buildings in New York, and I placed traps around my building and those around it to alert me of any intruders; I took other precautions as well, like stacking corpses of humans around the room I stay in so the creatures would not be able to smell me. I know this is inhumane, but we did what we needed to for survival.
After many people went into hiding the plants on earth began to grow at an alarming rate, covering skyscrapers in a matter of weeks. The city almost seemed peaceful this way; I felt more at ease when I thought about it as well. As time passed there seemed to be more traffic through the city by the beasts, I slept with my gun off safety at night because of this. In reality, I think the beasts were becoming afraid of us, they had discovered the resiliency of humans, and they didn’t know what to do because of this. Their race had always been top dog, they were always the predators, but with us they were, for the first time, fearful for their lives, and we knew it.
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