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A Goth wedding on the beach, complete with coffin brought tears to Barney's eyes.
Barney strolled along the beach. His gray, stringy hair twisted in the ocean breeze. He stopped and spied an early morning wedding assembly. The bride adorned with black lipstick and a petite black gown descended the sandy stair steps. Her long black tresses played hide-n-seek with the wind.

“Goth wedding,” Barney murmured.

The groom stood with the minister, both watching the bride as she took each measured step. She flipped her shoes to the side and walked upon the soft sand. The sun had just touched the horizon in the beginning of twilight.

As if on cue, the trio turned toward the beach house upon the sandy knoll. Six young men carrying a coffin with a blood-covered sword driven through it jostled and swayed with each step until they too rested fully on the white sand. They muscled the coffin right next to the bride who placed her hand upon the smooth wooden box.

Barney leaned against a fence post. Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

“Who gives this bride to be wed today?” The minister asked.

“My mother does,” she answered and tapped the coffin. She pulled a black rose from her hair and placed it on top of the coffin. She bent down and kissed the top, reached up and dabbed her finger with blood, and smeared it down her nose making it appear she was crying bloody teardrops.

She took a lighter from the groom and after a few attempts she lit the coffin on fire and the whole assembly watched as the coffin was consumed.

Barney’s wife came up the beach from behind. She stopped to watch. Then, noticed that Barney had tears streaming down his cheeks. “What are you crying for?”

“That is a lucky man,” he choked, “No mother-in-law.”

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Flash Story Must be set at a wedding, have a weapon and coffin.
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