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Most of my ideas are centered around religious ideas and beliefs. THESE ARE JUST IDEAS!
So.. basically most of my ideas that randomly pop inside my own head are centered around a normal very generalized reilgious idea or belief. Keep in mind though I do not carry any religious beliefs. I am non religious and although I'de hate to put a name to it, I guess I'm an "Atheist". (I hate putting a name too it because Atheist means that you do still have a belief that there is no God, and I simply do not believe anything.) Anyways, the ideas I have are mine. Any relationship to anyone else's posted articles, books, blogs, etc. I did not steal your idea, nor did I have any knowledge that there was something so similar. I realize I might repeat myself so I'll make this short.

Everything I post will be of my own thoughts, my own ideas. I like to center around the Christian based religion of God and the Devil and very much like to ridicule its stupidity. I will not cite works from the Bible, and I will not site any outside sources because I do not get any of my ideas from any other source. That is the point of fiction. I am making everything I write up with the exception that I like to put a message behind what I am writing, as do many other short stories of fiction and so on. None of what I write is ideas made from an original source other than my own mind. Thank you, and enjoy the madness.
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