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A conversation between one of my characters named Lihana and the villain Aizen from Bleach
Before I begin the story I should let you know a little about the character Lihana. As a fan of bleach sometimes I can't help but picture my characters having interactions with characters on some of my favorite shows.  If you are a fan of Bleach you already know Aizen as a powerful villain that seems to hold all the cards. Lihana is a pure soul, which means she is not supposed to be capable of evil. She is half vampire and half witch. Know one except her twin sister knows how to kill her. Lihana when she had some issues with her faith went evil for about one hundred years. Picture the worst villian possible and I'll tell you she made them look nice. This is setup after Lihana has gone back to her goody two shoes ways and Aizen having heard rumors of her tracks her down to get her to join him. What he wasn't expecting was Lihana being stronger than him and for her to be expecting him.

Lihana is leaning against a tree in the middle of a forest when Aizen the man she foresaw in a vision walks up to her. Lihana looks at him with complete utter disgust. He somewhat reminded her of how she used to be and she hated that.

"Are you Lihana?"

"Yeah. You're that Aizen twerp aren't you? Is soul society onto you yet?"

"I'm Aizen. No not yet. I was hoping you could be an ally. Help us with our goal to get the Kings Key."

"Aizen I don't know what rumors you've heard, but I'm not evil anymore. Even if I still was the answer would be no. You are an evil man seeking power. The part of me that still seeks an evil thrill sees that as weak. Someone who is truly evil likes to watch the world burn. My goal was to destroy all life in existence. I was born with power why acquire more?"

"It's not weak. My way is better and the shinigami need to be killed. They aren't doing any good. Once I take over that's when the fun begins."

"This coming from a man who believes hatred makes a sword sharper. I will tell you this someone who wields a sword with hatred will never reach me.  Aizen I have foreseen what is to happen. I have also predicted every possible move you will take. If Soul Society fails to stop you My Kingdom will come for you. We will rip out your soul, put in the room of torment for a thousand years, and then put destroy the parts that give you power, then put back into a normal human body. Then we will leave you to live among humans and when you on the verge of death we will destroy your soul. Pray that Soul society stops you and that you do not meet  the fate we have planned. My soul died after a mere seven days in the room of torment."

"You don't have that power."

"I destroy over a hundred souls every day by killing my enemy that is a bigger threat than you are. You really expect me to tremble at your feet. Your swordsmanship is sloppy at best, your martial arts is full of openings, and you use hypnosis far to often. How on earth would you fight a witch. Someone who could instantly render that handy sword of yours ineffective and does nothing but train all day in magic and combat. I'm sorry but I don't fight weaklings."

"I don't believe you."

"Aizen, leave or die."

Aizen hesitates and starts to say something when Lihana's arm glows and before he could see anything her glowing arm was raking something inside his body. His knees buckle and howls in pain.

"I've just sliced your soul into pieces. If you go back to soul society and stay on bed rest for two years you won't die."

With that Aizen hobbled off.

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