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My fictional interview with Jane Austen.
1800's Megan drinks her tea as she waits for Jane Austen. Dressed in a long red colored dress of the times, Megan anxiously waits for Jane. Jane walks in wearing a lavender and white dress of the times. Megan puts down her tea cup on the saucer and stands up to greet Jane. She shakes her hand.

Megan: Jane, nice to meet you.I admire your work and I am so happy you agreed to meet with me. I can't believe I am interviewing you.

Jane: Megan, I am glad to meet you as well. I love writing and each story comes from my heart. Life at my home is quiet and I have plenty of time to write. I love sharing my stories with the world.

Megan: I am happy that you do share your stories. Pride and Prejudice. The wealthy look down on the poor and Mr. Darcy fell in love with someone he considered beneath him. Love changes everything. Even the powerful rich people let down their guard when it comes to love. What prompted you to write Pride and Prejudice?

Jane: I met a man like Mr. Darcy once. His name was Mr. Dawson. He wasn't in love with me but we did dance at the ball to a few dances. He was polite to me but he was rich and he had his pride. He fell in love with a woman who he thought was his equal. The woman Jolene was staying with one of the richest families in London. She was beautiful and tried to pass herself off as being rich. She turned the young man down for a dance. He kept going after her at all the balls I was at. She did fall for him. The joke was on him when he found out she had no dowry. The Madsen family had taken her in and provided clothes, an education and she had all thr advantages of a rich youg woman. The Madsens had no children and they took her in when her father was sent to prison. Her mother had died. She was all alone at fourteen years of age. The Madsens were rich but were kind hearted and took the young girl in as their own. Mr. Dawson wasn't happy when he found this out but he was already in love and he let his guard down. He had his pride and was prejudiced but love won him over. He married the young woman but if she would have been raised by her real family and never found the Madsens and had never meet Mr. Dawson, well needless to say, Mr. Dawson wouldn't have given her a second glance if he met her somewhere else.

Megan:Wow. Jane, that sure was an inspiration for your story. How did you get the ideas for Elizabeth's sisters? Lady Catherine?"

Jane: I had four lady friends I was close with. We learned dancing together and how to play the piano. Mattie was like Mary. Mattie wore glasses. Connie was like Lydia. She let a man ruin her reputation. Julia was beautiful like Jane. Mary, my other friend was like Kitty. We were like sisters. I wanted to be like Jolene the young woman adopted by the Madsens who married Mr. Dawson. I came up with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Me being Elizabeth and I hope to find a Mr. Darcy someday. As for Lady Catherine. My mother. My mother is sweet and very respectable but she wanted my sister and I to have dancing lessons, play the piano and sent us to Charm School. Mom would always dress up and she makes sure Cassandra and I have beautiful dresses. Mom reminded me of a Lady or a Queen. Lady Catherine is who I came up with. A woman of power and money that others fear and wish they could be like.

Megan: You do write from life. People you know and turn them into characters. Our writing ideas often come from people we know or want to be like. How about Emma? Do you know a Emma?

Jane: Yes, I do. Me. I always try to pair people off. I want everyone to be happy in love. I hope to find someone someday, too but I want to be sure my friends have mates. I can wait. I would like to see my sister find someone before I do. I care about others. Writing makes my life complete. My characters find their mates and maybe the man upstairs has a romance written for me. If not, I will always have someone I love in my mind. Thank goodness for writing. I can live someone's other life through my writing.

Megan: Jane, you have a heart of gold. You are so sweet and pure. I love everything you write. I take it, you will never write about politics, crime or news events.

Jane: No , I won't. I write to escape the bad news of the world. My mind is where I can be alone and write how I see the world. Romance, families, balls and people. I can write about love and I feel happy. I feel I have made a difference and those who read my books know there is a romance for them. I am happy I have this gift to share.

Megan: Jane, we are happy that you do, too. All women want a Mr. Darcy. I think we truly do. Jane, I have taken up enough of your time. It has been a pleasure to interview you.

Jane: It has been a pleasure for me, too. I have a gift for you."

Jane hands Megan a book. Pride and Prejudice and Emma in the same book.

Megan: Oh, thank you so much Jane. I feel I have made a new friend.

Jane: You are my new friend as well. Thank you for the lovely interview.

Megan and Jane hug.

Megan: Won't you stay and have lunch with me?

Jane: I would love to. Thank you.

Megan and Jane leave Megan's study and go to the Dining Room. Megan has met her idol and Jane will have a story about Megan she will be writing someday.

Modern picture of Jane Austen or one of her characters. Notice the cell phone and pool.
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