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Megan and Jennifer are still in the past.
It was ten at night and Megan went to bed. She hoped Jennifer was alright. She also hoped that Mr. and Mrs. Austen didn't know that Jennifer hadn't come home, yet. Megan finally fell asleep. When she awoke, she heard something at the window. What on earth? Megan got out of bed and opened the window. Jennifer was standing outside wearing a cranberry dress. Where did she get the dress?

"What are you doing? Mr. Austen will see you and wander what you are doing wearing that dress? You don't have a dress like that." Megan had to ask herself if she was awake or dreaming.

"Relax. I threw stones at the window to get your attention. I was hiding in the woods smoking. Mr. and Mrs. Austen left for the day. Hey, girlfriend. I will be in, in a minute." Jennifer left and Megan shut the window.

Jennifer came in the house and Megan got dressed and went downstairs. Megan looked at Jennifer and Jennifer waved.

"Are you going to tell me about last night? You didn't come home." Megan couldn't stop looking at Jennifer's dress.

"I fell asleep at Bradley's house. I slept on his couch. He went to bed. We drank last night and kissed but that is that happened. He is a gentleman. He gave me one his sister's dresses to wear. He didn't want the Austens to see me in the dress I wore last night and realize that I had been out all night. Oh Megan, I am in love! Jennifer danced around.

Just then Jane came downstairs. "Good Morning. I didn't hear you come home, Jennifer."

"I got in late." Jennifer hoped Jane bought it.

"Beautiful dress, Dear." Jane poured herself a cup of tea. Oh. Mother and Father will be going for three days. Father has business with his uncle."

"Mr. Dawson is coming over and we are going to the library and he has business in Bath." Megan smiled.

"I thought we were going to see Vicki and Bill." Jennifer decided to pour herself a cup of tea.

"We are. We will be there for supper. Maybe we will just spend the night there if it is alright with Jane."

"Of course. I am going to write the next two days." Jane hadn't written much lately.

"Bradley is taking me to his plantation tomorrow and show me the land. I couldn't see much of it in the dark last night."

"We all have plans. That is nice. I am glad my parents are away for awhile." Jane seemed happy that her parents weren't home.

Nancy asked Megan and Jennifer if they wanted breakfast. Megan ate a muffin and some bacon. Jane had the same. Jennifer said she wasn't hungry but she did drink some coffee. Tea was getting old. She still wanted a Dr. Pepper.

Jane excused herself after breakfast and said she was going to write. Jennifer said she was going outside. Cassandra greeted the girls and went to the pond to do some drawings.

Megan whispered to Jennifer: "If you are going to smoke, please be careful. Don't let Cassandra see you and don't set the woods on fire."

"I won't. I am going to read one of Jane's books after my cigarette."

"We already own all of them." Megan reminded her.

"I know but we don't have any vampire or fantasy novels in this time era so I will be happy to read one of Jane's."

Just then the sound of horses and carriages were outside. Miles had arrived. He knocked on the door and Megan answered it. Miles Dawson looked more like Leonardo DeCaprio then he did before Megan thought. He was handsome. Megan missed her husband Damon but hopefully, she would be home someday.

Megan let Miles in. "Hello Miles."

Miles bowed. "Hello, Megan and Jennifer."

Jennifer smiled. She excused herself and went outside.

"Are you ready?" Miles asked.

Megan nodded. Miles too her arm and escorted her to the carriage. He was a gentleman. Megan and Miles were in the carriage.

The carriage took off and Megan saw a fox. "Oh look! He sure is pretty. Oh wait! He is a she. She has babies." There was a red mother fox and her babies. There were three of them and they were minatures of the mother. They were so cute,

"Luckily, fox hunts don't happen much around here. We have quite a few foxes now." Miles said.

"Fox hunts are awful. I love animals and I could never hunt anything." Megan said.

"I have never hunted. Others do the hunting but like you, I could never hunt anything. "

Megan looked at the scenery. England was so green and pretty. YOU TALK ABOUT GOING GREEN!

"How much longer are you staying with the Austens?"

Megan wasn't sure how to answer. "Jennifer and I will have to go back someday but we came with Gretchen and Angel to visit Gretchen's Aunt Vicki. We have jobs in London to get back to but we won't be needed for awhile." How could she tell him she was from the future and she and her friends were trying to get back to their time era?

"I hope you stay longer. Are you going to the Ball at the O"Mallory's next week? They are having a seaon for their daughter. They are trying to find her a husband."

"Another ball would be nice." Megan smiled.

"I hear Kentsworth is taking your friend Jennifer. He adores her, you know."

Megan smiled. "She cares for him as well."

They had arrived in Bath. Miles told Megan to meet him at the Duck Inn for dinner as he left her at the library. She said she would.

Megan looked around the library. It was small and plain. Brown walls with brown curtans to match. She looked at the books. She looked at one about life in the Medievall Times. Maybe she and her friends can go there next. Her luck they would be zapped in the middle of a battle. That was be bad.

The clock chimed Noon before Megan knew it. She had been so engrossed in the book and had lost all track of time. Megan left to walk to the Duck Inn and Miles was waiting on her. The restaurant was nice. All decorated in green. Everyone was going green. Megan laughed to herself.

Miles and Megan were seated at a table. Megan loved the lavender dress she was wearing. Megan and Miles had turkey for dinner. Miles told Megan that his wife had died. Miles was almost thirty. He didn't look it just like Leo didn't look his age.

"I am so sorry. I thought a nice looking man like you must have had someone special."

Miles smiled. "We were very happy. She was so sweet. I had a great wife and she was beautiful."

Megan patted his hand. Miles wasn't sure how to respond. They ate dinner and they both were quiet. They got back in the carriage and headed for home.

"I know you are married but I do llike you." Miles turned away when he said this.

"I like you, too. I am married."

"I know but I enjoy your company. I hope you are my friend."

"I am." Megan blushed.

The rest of the ride home was quiet. The carriage made it back to the Austen home. Miles walked Megan to the door and lifted her hand and kissed it. "I will see you at the ball next week."

Megan smiled. "I look forward to it, Miles."

He waved and got back in the carriage. Megan watched the carriage leave. If only she wasn't already married. If only this was her time era. Megan walked in the door and Jennifer was reading.

"Hey, girlfriend! How is your friend Leo?"

"Very nice. The poor man was married and his wife died. I feel sorry for him. I like him. I really do but I am married and hopefully, we will get back home someday." Megan sighed.

"That is sad about his wife. Now he wants you and can't have you. What's a girl to do?"

"Mr. Kentsworth adores you. I hear he is taking you to the ball next week. I am going with Miles as well."

Jennifer perked up. "You heard right. Nothing happened between him and I last night but I do love him. Maybe I will stay here with him."

"Maybe we won't be able to get home. Maybe this is our destiny. At least I have you, my friends, Jane and Miles or should I say Leo."

Jennifer hugged Megan. "What ever happens, we are in this together."

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