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Selfishness can be good
"Don't be Selfish.", "Never try to be Selfish.", "Being Selfish is a habit of bad person." these are the sentences we have often heard from our elders. But, are the notion of the sentences are true or is it false. Is being selfish really bad?
Okay, Let me define Selfishness. Dictionary states Selfish person to be 'characterized by or manifesting concern or care only for oneself '. But let me know who don't care for oneself, every single person in this world wants to care for oneself, is concerned about oneself and I think its good to be selfish.
From my blog "World is Dichotomized" I can say that being selfish can be either good or bad. Actually selfishness can be categorized into two categories namely, Positive Selfishness and Negative Selfishness. Selfishness is thinking about oneself, so again ones thinking might be good for others or bad for others. So, when thinking about oneself benefits others it is called positive selfishness,on the other hand when thinking about oneself proves harmful for others it is negative selfishness. Actually selfishness everyone talks about is negative selfishness. So, I think we know about negative selfishness very well, but let me explain positive selfishness.
So, is it really possible to do something for our benefit and simultaneously help others?, the answer is yes. But, first of all one must be determined to help others. Problem with positive selfishness is that first we need to benefit others and only then we will discover that it has helped us also. For example, very often I used to help my friends those were weak in studies in grabbing the subject. Some of us thinking that by helping our friends in studies might fetch them more marks or some think why to waste time in helping others. But during the course of helping I encountered many questions from them which were very difficult for me to answer even though I had already mastered the subject, but then we would discuss it and finally solve the problem. So, the point is I have helped my friends in studies and simultaneously benefited myself. Next time whenever I get to teach something to any person, I first think of myself 'that surely I will get something new to learn' and then I face no problem in teaching the other person.
So, if something is obstructing you from helping others just think 'What's in it for me?'. Surely, there will be something that might really help you. Whenever we help others simultaneously we get benefited in some or the other way. Just think that way and never move back to help others.
"Be a Positive Selfish person, Help others and simultaneously benefit yourself."
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