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by Mandi
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Teens are always saying how they want a job before the legal age, why not change it?
Working at the Age of 15

          You always hear teens complaining how they need or want to get a job, but they can't simply because of the legal age to work.  This means that everyone who wants to get a job at the age of 15 should be allowed to.  Parents are trying to figure out how they can support their teenager and/or other kids, without any help.  If the teens at the age of 15 could get a job it would not only help their parents stress level go down, but it would also teach them responsibility, make money without parent/family help, pay for their own necessities/wants, save for college, and help their parents or guardians if financially disadvantaged.  Allowing kids to work would benefit everyone mutually.
          Many teenagers don’t know the meaning of being responsible, except for getting to school on time and doing their homework.  If they were to get a job at an earlier age than after 16, then they would begin to be more responsible, so parents wouldn’t have to worry so much by the time their kids go off to college.  One way for them to begin learning responsibility, would be for them to be on time every day they had to work.  For example, they would have to clock in on time or else they would have to go and talk to their supervisor about why they are late.  Also, they would learn how to save their money, if they run out of money, they can’t just go and ask their parents or boss for more money because they weren't responsible enough to save any.  Not only would it teach them responsibility for money and to be at work on time, it would also help them learn how to work well with others.  Sure, at school they have random group projects, but they are familiar with the other students at school.  For example, if they got a job where they had to take orders from customers, or answer phones, then they would find out how people in the real world are. 
            Some parents and families don't have the extra money to give the children some spending money, even though they would love to.  If families are having trouble supporting their family for necessities, then they can't afford to pay the children to work for them.  Not to mention, if the children didn't do a good job, the family/parents would have a hard time telling them that, and would still pay them.  Family tends to feel bad if they have to tell the kids anything bad, simply because they wouldn't want to hurt their feelings.  For example, when I was looking for a way to make some money when I was 10 years old, my mom had me wash her car.  I got preoccupied a lot while doing it, so it came out extremely streaky.  My mom said it was really good, and still paid me, even though it looked worse than it did to begin with.  Parents usually have their kids do chores around the house for free each week, if they get all of these done, then there isn't much more that needs to be done around the house.  Some kids are fortunate enough if their parents don't have much time to work around the house, so they get to earn some extra money by doing that; however, not all families are fortunate enough for the chores, or the money.
            Parents get sick of always hearing how their children always want and expect for their parents to pay for everything.  When children have their own money that they earn, they don't have to constantly ask their parents if they want something, or need something.  If they need something, then they can at least pay for half of it, so it would be a lot easier on the parents.  Also, if the kids want something and their parents pay for it, then most of the time the kids don't take good care of it.  However, when you pay for something yourself, you realize how much it is worth, so you take better care of it.  For example, my friend asked her parents for an i-pod and they got it for her, she didn't take good care of it all, and by the next week it was broken.  She asked her parents for another one, they told her she had to buy it herself.  After a month of working for people she was able to buy her own, it's been a year and a half since then, and she still has it in mint condition. 
            Not only, will it help in the present if teens could get a job, it would also help in the long run, simply by saving up for college.  College has expenses for everything, whether it's the classes, the textbooks, the supplies, or dorm rooms/apartments.  Sure, most parents try to start a college fund for their children, but lets face it, it's not even close to the amount of money they need.  Along with the economy the way it is, no parents can afford to save much for their children's college fund, no matter how much they want to.  Some children are blessed with lots of scholarships, but not all are.  The only problem is even if they have scholarships they still don't pay for half of college.  For example, my friend got at least 5 different scholarships, but they would only cover for ¾ of his first year of college.  He also had very few colleges to choose from that they would work at, and none of them were even the college he wanted to go to.  If children had the time to begin to save for college earlier on in their high school career, then there would not be as much stress for the debts that are coming.  Even if both parents and children saved for college, there would still have to be college loans, but not as much so they wouldn't have to worry about their credit quite as much so soon in life.
              As I already mentioned, the economy is bad, so most parents/guardians are having financial disadvantages.  If the children could get a job and help with their part of their bills and/or necessities, then the parents would not be under so much stress.  For example, I know this family that had five kids, the mom was under so much stress, that she began to be horrible to her children and husband.  She would argue with each one every day, and she would ground all the children for no reason, just so they wouldn't need or want to go anywhere that involved money.  At last one of the kids turned 16 and he got a job.  He began to pay for his part of the bills, pay for the things that he needed, and helped pay for some of the things his siblings needed.  The mom was not as stressed, and began to have a relationship with the kids, and husband again.  This clearly states that if the children could get jobs and help out, then parents would be happier and less stressed. 
            You may be thinking 15 year olds aren't mature or responsible enough.  Yes, they aren't but they have to gain it and learn it.  Some kids can't get a job till they are 17, and as soon as they do, you see a complete change in them.  They become a whole new person because they become so responsible and mature.  You may be also thinking that there aren't even enough job openings for the parents, so how would there be enough for teens too.  If the teens were to begin getting jobs at 15, then the parents wouldn't need as many jobs because they would help pay for at least themselves.  So instead of parents needing two or three jobs, they would only need to focus on one job.  Another thing you may be thinking is if they worked at the age of 15, then how would they be able to get to work and home.  There are options for that, like the bus, walk, someone could give them a ride for free, or they could pay someone-friend, family, co-worker- for a ride. 
            As you can see, everyone would have advantages from this, so we should change the law to 15 years old.  Some of the benefits would be, becoming responsible, have some spending money, competence, college funds, and help fiscals.  It would be a lot less stressful on everyone, including- parents, family, or the children themselves.  Also, if teens worked, then parents would have more time to be with their family instead of being at work the entire day, then getting home and going to bed.  Lets do something about the legal age of workers today!
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