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An entry for the Spooktacular Short Story contest
Oct 31st 2009

I was walkin' through the woods on Halloween, and I saw the shortcut that my mommy told me to never take no matter what.  I didn't want to be late for the class party.  I wanted to make sure that turd head Cathy St. Ives didn't win any prizes.

So naturally, I started walkin' down the road. The road had a bunch of potholes in it. I thought that I could get lost in one of those suckers if I wasn't careful.

I skipped around the potholes, kickin' rocks, singin' "Rawhide Bloody Bones Eats Children", and havin' a good ole time.  Then I slamed into somethin' mighty hard.

I slowly looked up, and it was an old vampire. 

"What are you doing on my road?" She grit her teeth as she grabbed me by the collar of my dress.

"This is my Daddy and Mommy's road. They own Deacon!" I kicked her in the knee, and she let me go.

"Oh, so you're one of Cydia's children.  I used to own Deacon with your father once, but I bet no one ever told you that."

"Yeah, you're the old bat, mommy talks about. You were in Deacon when dinosaurs ruled the earth. You better let me pass, or I'll tell Daddy on you!"

"Oh, go ahead child. Your faerie stench is making me sick to my stomach." She turned and walked away.

I skipped and sang the rest of the way to the party.  No one does squat to Ludia!

Ludia Webster
age 7
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