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Is pressing that reset button on your Wii really a good idea?
         While I'm sitting here thinking about how to start this little rant (too late) I'm looking over at my expansive collection of games (5) and trying to look back and recall the last time I played any of them. If I went back to play them, I'd probably want to start all over, as if nothing had happened. But does nothing really happen? The story may re-begin, and the characters don't know they've been through all of this before, but I do. I know exactly what happens, sometimes, and that can get kind of boring and repetitive. My point isn't to never restart a game again, but what does restarting a video game really teach you about life?

         ...I'm talking to me...

         Holding a soiled reputation is not fun (just saying in case no one's noticed), and I've had that experience firsthand multiple times. Where's the reset button when I need it? Oh yeah, it's stuck on my Wii. Not to mention the reward and compensation your character gets at the end, while I'm here having to deal with the fact that if I mess one thing up, I'm treated like I can't do anything right. But what do you gain by starting the whole thing over when it doesn't go your way? That sounds like a loser's way to die.

         ...I'm listening to me...

         But is it really that way? Does that one thing I do wrong really affect how my future looks? A lot of times, If you buy into the idea that one thing will always result in another, you just live your days expecting rewards and anticipating failure, neither of which sound very appealing. All you can really do is hold yourself accountable for what you did, and not think that it was someone else or, worse, that you'll never recover. In time, you'll look back, and wonder why you ever doubted yourself...

         ...If you just ignore you...
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