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a scary short story
haunted house

It was a scary and stormy night. The air was so unpleasant with fog that you couldn't see 1 thing in front of you. Some friends and I had just started our walk home from trick or treating on the side of town our dad told us not to go. We all had only been to grandma's house a few times and every time we went it was day time. Cole decided to take a short cut through the creepy Cemetery and started walking. Te'a and I tried to stop Cole from going but he would not stop. We couldn't let him go alone, so we decided to follow. Cole was running so happy we couldn't keep up. Te'a started to have an panic attack so we stopped. Thats when we heard a loud scream coming from my house. I was so scared. The screams got louder and louder, closer and closer. So I grabbed Te'a arm and swung her around my back then started to run as fast as i could through the cemetery. I ran so fast i was almost back home. I started to see the light from my front porch shining though the edge of the woods. Just then I fell into a big black hole. I was Knocked out for a while because when I woke up it was daytime. so i sat up and looked around and I was back at home on the front porch. I was covered with water and there were foot prints all around me and leading into the woods. I never knew what Really happened but I know this I will never go to that cemetery again...
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