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Photos & descriptions to help you visualize the giants of Big Men on Campus
Since this story began, readers have been requesting a Big Men on Campus character reference page, asking me what I imagine the characters would look like and sending me photos as suggestions. I've finally opened up this page to celebrate BMC's climb to 1000 chapters *Smile*

I'm encouraging everyone to contribute by sending pics that remind you of your favourite characters to puppet_master@writing.com

I like to leave readers room to use their imaginations so there are no guidelines for photo submissions; each character can be interpreted a dozen different ways.


Scotty, the skater boy

With greasy hair, an infectious smile and a skate board forever tucked under his arm pit, Scotty is the best friend a guy could have. That is, until you find yourself standing inches tall in front of his giant, tattered skate shoes.

As long as you stay on his good side, Scotty's a loyal giant who'll keep you relatively safe and happy. But as much as he means to help, he can't resist showing you off from time to time, which might mean passing you around a motley crew of shirtless, sweaty skater dudes to be squeezed and gawked at?

Scotty 1  

Scotty 2  

Scotty 3  

Scotty 4  

Clay, the jock god

Clay is the undisputed King of Campus. He knows what he wants and he knows he can have it. Girls are sex toys to be used and discarded, while guys had better either kiss his cleats and stroke his ego or run like hell when they see him and his posse in the halls.

Fall into this egotistical young hulk's clutches and you're doomed. You'll spend your remaining days guzzling Clay's footsweat, being flicked and bent between the dopey teen's clumsy fingers and lying pinned under his monstrous cock while he grunts and perspires on the field.

Clay 1  

Clay 2  

Clay 3  

Clay 4  

Shaun, the punk

Shaun is Herculean High's resident punk. Smarter than the jocks and prettier than most of the girls, Shaun knows how to get what he wants from other people.

Don't let his cute appearance fool you. Once Shaun has you in his clutches, you'll be at the mercy of all his gloriously selfish teenage whims. Squirming behind his skin-tight jeans with a face-full of dick or dangling over the cruel boy's ratty Converses. Make the mistake of asking Shaun for help and the rest of your life will be nothing but light entertainment to your mean teen master.

Shaun 1  

Shaun 2  

Buck, the bear

Buck is a tall, intimidating piece of man meat whose leather boots and attire can barely hold in his sculpted pecs and hairy gut. He works as a bartender in 'Big Men on Campus' and takes his tips in the form of tiny, squirming boy toys.

Unless you have an EXTREMELY strong stomach, stay away from this burly bear in the event of shrinking. Get caught crawling the filthy floor of Buck's seedy bar and you can kiss your freedom goodbye -- Be prepared to spend the rest of your life flat under Master's beefy foot, sticky with dried come and begging not to be brutalized by that drizzling beast between his thighs again.

Buck 1  

Buck 2  

Walt, the shy guy

Shy and softly spoken, Walt is a loner of few words who keeps to himself at school. Of course, if you should ever find yourself inches tall and in his hands, you'll get to know a different giant teen all together.

Full of tenderness and affection, Walt will miss days of school just to stay home and dote over his new pet lover. He'll let you scamper through his squeaky clean hair, giggle as you scale his mountainous boy feet and keep you nuzzled against his smooth chest all night long. He may not be the most confident guy at school, but when it comes to loving and protecting his special little guy, Walt will never, ever let you go.

Walt 1  

Walt 2  

Walt 3  

Walt 4  

Walt 5  

Juan, the gentle jock

Juan is one of the heaviest set jocks at Herc High. With the beefy musculature of a teen-hulk, Juan could probably crush a regular-sized person with mountainous the curves of his bubble butt alone. But despite his immense physical power, he is for the most part a gentle giant.

Juan is a smart, sensitive diamond in the rough of meat-head jocks at his school. Finding a tiny man to keep as his own little love pet would make his dreams come true. And whether that little man was willing or not, Juan would vow to pamper and protect him forever.

Juan 1  

Juan 2  

Juan 3  

Juan 4  

Juan 5  

Juan 6  

Juan 7  

Juan 8  

Juan 9  

Juan 10  

Dad, the authoritarian

Jack's stern father is a strict authoritarian and has no issues in disciplining his own son using belittling and humiliation.

Get in the way of this skyscraping businessman and you might just end up a full-time ornament on his office desk, polishing his size 100 dress shoes by day and squealing for mercy when he switches off his Blackberry and slides off his giant belt at night

Dad 1  

Dad 2  

Dad 3  

Dad 4  

Dad 5  

Malcolm + Brad + Evan, Scotty's GIANT little cousins

Your best friend's three younger cousins are a teenage tornado, trashing your Scotty's room, trampling his property and torturing his pets. They have no conscience, only the will to destroy and be entertained. Falling into their grimy hands is a sentence worse than death. So you'd better find a good hiding place, because there's a stampede of six giant feet coming your way.

Cousins 1  

Cousins 2  

Cousins 3  

Cousins 4  

Cousins 5  

Cole, the bratty little bro

Cole 1  

Cole 2  

Cole 3  

Cole 4  

Andy, Shaun's evil little brother

Andy 1  

Scotty's skater buds

Skater Buds 1  

Jeremy 1  

Jeremy 2  

Jeremy 3  

Troy, Clay's alpha-jock big brother

Troy 1  

Troy 2  

Troy 3  

Troy 4  

Ted and Barry, the posh gay couple

Ted and Barry are two mature gay men with a prided collection of kinky sex toys. And they'd be itching to add a sexy little man slave to their inventory, should he be unlucky enough to fall into their laps.

Barry 1  

Ted 1  

Dean & Craig, the giant strippers

Craig 1  

Craig 2  

Dean 1  

Dean 2  

Mack Junior, the bored teenage rebel

Junior is Mack's moody, disaffected teenage son who can't imagine anything in the world more important than his own satisfaction. Junior spends most of his time getting high, playing Xbox and jacking off. He has a sadistic sense of humour and finding a toy-sized man who can walk, talk and beg for mercy just might make his week.

Mack Jr 1  

Mack Jr 2  

Wayne, your raunchy big bro

You've been feuding with Wayne since the day you were born. He's a spiteful, competitive rebel with an attitude that stinks worse than his feet. The smallest advantage over you makes Wayne go mad with power, so iif he ever foundyou inches tall and at his mercy, your life would become an unbearable nightmare.

Wayne 1  

Wayne 2  

Wayne 3  

Wayne 4  


Luke is a blond-haired swimmer/surfer and an all-around jock.

Luke 1  

Dom, The mechanic

Dom is a high school drop-out who fixes up cars for a living. He's usually smeared with grease, unshaven and horny as hell. All he thinks about is making money and blowing his load. And if a he had a palm-sized person to help him do either of those, he'd be very happy.

Dom 1  

Below are some characters who don't have any inspiration pics yet. Feel free to send me your suggestions!

Mr Welling, Herc High's youngest teacher

Young, charming and handsome, Mr Welling is Herculean High's most popular teacher. Unfortunately, this doesn't make his students any more likely to behave in class. so should he ever come across a tiny, helpless student pleading for his assistance, who knows how Welling might react to his newfound power.

Mack, the rugged construction worker

Mack is a tall, tough, hard working single dad who would do anything for a few minutes of relaxation a day. Even if that came at the cost of a scared, tiny man in the palm of his beefy hand.

Brett, Scotty's stern uncle

Joey & his friends, the meanest gang in school

Randy, the lonely rich boy

Lee, the Asian exchange student

Ahmed, the Middle-Eastern exchange student

Pierre, the French exchange student

Ben, the cowboy

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