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Part Two of Mary Bennett's romance.
Mary didn't sleep well that night and neither did Mr. Bennett. His wife nagged him at night about what a horrible daughter Mary was. Mr. Bennett wasn't worried. He thought it was funny that his wife didn't rule Mary but he didn't dare laugh. He just turned over on his side of his bed and secretly laughed.

Mrs. Bennett was up the next morning and went to Bath to shop. Of course, the town gossip Mrs. Niles told Mrs. Bennett how Mary flirted with Siroe, was hugging all over the professor and her daughter carried on with Weston Hughes, a tainted man. Mrs. Bennett was so embarrassed and she was in a hurry to get home and the town people kept whispering and pointed at Mrs. Bennett. Mrs. Bennett got in the carriage and headed home.

Mary wrote a message and gave it to Agnes, the maid to take to Weston. Mary wanted a ride to Pemberly and she hoped to be gone when Mrs. Bennett got home.

Mary had her bags packed and hugged her father good bye. "Father, you don't judge me like mother did. Thank you. I love you for that. I am going to Pemberly to stay with Elizabeth and Darcy."

"Mary, you know your own mind. There is a man for you that will love your high spirited ways. Don't nag your future husband like your mother does me. I love your mother but I ignore her. That is why I hide in my library. I love you and all my daughters. I miss them and I will miss you."

Mary kissed her father's cheek. She heard the carriage pull up. She hoped it was Weston but it was her mother.

Mrs. Bennett rushed through the door and glared at Mary. "I hope you are happy. The whole town thinks you are a tart and a wh---!" Mrs. Bennett couldn't finish her sentence.

Mary didn't answer and Mrs. Bennett noticed the bags and exclaimed: "Where are you going?"

"I am going to stay with Elizabeth and Darcy. I will be there for the ball they are having. I am not staying with you. Weston is coming over to pick me up."

Mrs. Bennett was all upset. "You can't leave with a divorced tainted man! What has happened to you? You are sleeping with men! This is awful! Mr. Bennett do something! We have to lock Mary up. We have to find her a suitable husband before it is too late!"

"Mrs. Bennett! I have had enough of you calling Mary names! She isn't a woman who misbehaves with men. She is leaving for Pemberly with her friend Weston and if you don't shut up. I will leave with them!" Mr. Bennett wasn't one to talk back to his wife but his dear sweet wife was driving him nuts.

"Mr. Bennett! Why do you hide from what is going on? You are a coward!"

"Mother! Stop calling father names! That was uncalled for!" Mary couldn't believe what kind of woman her mother was.

"Mrs. Bennett, I am going to my library to hide from you. If you nag me anymore, I am going to Pemberly. You are worse then an old cow. I would rather have a cow for company. They chew their cud and don't nag!" Mr. Bennett walked away and Mrs. Bennett was speechless. Mary smiled. Hooray for father! She loved that man.

Just then a carriage stopped at the door and Weston knocked at the door. Mary answered it and it was Weston. Mary smiled. "Thank you, Weston. I am all packed."

Weston bowed to Mrs. Bennett and she turned away and went to the kitchen. She needed some tea but truth be told she would mix it with bourbon.

Mary yelled good bye to her mother but Mrs. Bennett didn't turn around.

Weston loaded up Mary's bags in the carriage. He had bought his dog Bo, a blond lab and Mary patted him as she got in the carriage after Weston helped her in.

"I am glad you bought Bo. He is so beautiful. I haven't seen him since he was a puppy."

"I hope you are sure that Darcy and your sister won'r mind me staying for a few days. I hope I read your message right."

"Of course you did. Elizabeth and Darcy love company. Thank you for doing this." Mary kissed Weston's cheek.

Weston blushed and smiled. They rode on for a few miles enjoying the view. Green forests and they saw some deer. It was a nice sunny day. Mary was glad that they were in the enclosed carriage and Bo kept licking Mary's face and she pet him. She and her sisters wanted a dog but mother wouldn't allow it. Mother. She wouldn't miss her.

"Will you dance with me at the ball, Mary?"

"Of course, I will. You will love Pemberly."

"I hope they don't mind Bo."

"Darcy has dogs and they will get along with Bo. They have two cats but Pemberly is so big that the cats and dogs won't see each other."

Weston admired Mary and he wished she was more then just a friend but after a bad marriage, he thought he would never marry again. If he did, it hoped it would be Mary.

Mary dozed off and a hour and a half later, they were at Pemberly. Weston couldn'r believe the size of the estate. It was like a castle and there were acres and acres of land. There was a lake and a pond outside Pemberly. There were barns and stables. It was like a town all by itself.

The carriage stopped and a brown wolf hound came running and a black and white sheep dog came running and barking. Bo barked back. When Weston and Mary got out of the carriage, they were loved to death by the dogs. Bo was smelling noses with the dogs. Mary smiled. "Weston and Bo, meet Shep and Bosley."

The dogs were all excited and Darcy came around the corner of his house with Elizabeth. Mary hugged her sister and Darcy. Mary introduced Weston and Darcy shook hands with him and told Weston he could stay as long as he wanted. The dog was welcome, too.

"A beautiful estate you have here, Darcy. I am honred that you are letting me stay. I am divorced and don't get too many warm welcomes where I go."

"I don't hold that against a man. Elizabeth made me a nice guy. I learn to get rid of pride and not be prejudice. I am just happy I found Elizabeth and Mary is my favorite sister-in-law. The only person I don't want here is Mrs. Bennett. I guess I shouldn't have said that."

Weston laughed. "She doesn't like me at all. She thinks I ruined Mary but I swore all we did was hug. I would like Mary to be interested in me but she is my dear friend. I am glad Mrs. Bennett isn't here, either. "

"Let's say we have a brandy in my study."

"I would be honored." The two men walked into the big mansion.

"What is happening? How did you get away from mother?"

"Elizabeth Dear, I went to a lecture last night and Siroe tried to kiss me and ask me to marry him and he wouldn't leave me alone. Weston rescued me and when I came home with Weston, mother was upset. Talk was going around town about me this morning and I had to get away. I know the ball is a week away but mother was relentless. She thinks I sleep with men but I don't. I flirt but that is all. Weston is a dear friend and I am glad he bought me here. I have missed you."

Elizabeth hugged Mary. "I miss you, too. I am glad you are here. Darcy would let you stay forever if you want. I know you don't misbehave with men. "

"I would love to live here but I am hoping to go to London again to college. My college professor I saw the other night wants me to go back to London to study. I am thinking about it."

"That would be nice for you.I wished we lived closer."

Just then another carriage arrived and this one was fancy. Weston had a nice carriage but this one was elegant. Darcy's friends would have elegant carriages.

The carriage stopped and the driver opened the door and out stepped a well dressed man in a gray suit. He had dark hair and was sophiscated. Mary couldn't take his eyes off him. He walked over to Elizabeth and Elizabeth held out her hand and the gentleman kissed it.

"Brandon Trent, I would like to introduce to my sister Mary Bennett."

Brandon kissed Mary's hand and she looked into his dark blue eyes. She had never seen such a handsome man except for Darcy. Mary bowed and Brandon was flattered.

Just then Darcy and Weston came outside and Weston saw how Mary looked at the newcomer. He started to feel jealous but Mary was his friend. She had a right to flirt. Mary was famous for flirting. The newcomer was enjoying it.

Just then Darcy and Brandon shook hands and quickly hugged. Brandon was a friend of Darcy's and he introduced him to Weston. Brandon owned a ship building business and had been in the Navy. Brandon was twenty seven and had been around the world. Elizabeth told Mary this and Mary was interested in this new man. He couldn't keep his eyes off Mary. Elizabeth hoped Brandon would be the one for Mary but she couldn't help noticing Weston's hurt puppy dog look. Would Mary break some hearts?

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