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A story of moods, emotions and colour.
May saw a flash of red light. She glared at the man standing in front of her. She no longer saw him as her lover; all the time they had spent together slipped her mind. He was now a stranger, just a man standing in front of her. He tried to hold her hand; she flinched at on feeling his finger against his. Once he had been the only one allowed to touch her body, and now she was conscious of his fingers against hers. She pulled her hand away in anger. He was a traitor. She just wanted his to go away.

John looked at May sadly. The whole world seemed blue to him. He had made one mistake and now she was rejecting him. He wanted to hold her, he wanted to comfort her, and he wanted to be hers again. He regretted hurting her, she was the love of his life and now he was helpless. He tried to reach out for her hand as a gesture to show he still loved her. She snatched it away breaking his heart. A tear ran down his cheek, but he still looked down at her longingly.

Ned sat in the coffee shop. It was a gray day. He was watching two lovers on the opposite side of the street. They seemed to be fighting, but they had each other. The man reached out to hold the girls hand. She pulled it away. She was rejecting a man who was looking down at her with eyes filled with love, and he, Ned, had no one. He felt the loneliness eat his soul. He wanted someone to talk to, someone to love. He sighed and sipped his coffee.

Susan watched the lovers fight. The day around her felt green and foggy. He still wanted her. She had spent years trying to get him and finally he had given in for a night. One glorious night with the man she had craved, though she knew he would never love her back. And now he was begging May to take him back, she was hurt, jealous that she meant nothing to him. She watched as he tried to hold Mays hand and she rejected him. She would never do a thing like that to him.

The rain started as a drizzle, but fast progressed into a loud storm. As it soaked the streets and all the color around seemed to disappear. A large rain cloud drifted across the sky and blocked out the sun. All that was left was blackness, the dark.
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