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Rated: ASR · Serial · Fanfiction · #1723530
We have made it this far. Megan and her friends next adventure in the past.
Megan was cuddled up to Manolito by the fire. "Are you going to tell me where you were when you disappeared?" asked Manolito.

Megan looked at him trying to decide what to say. She sighed. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Yes, I would. Gypsies are used to the unusual and supernatural things. Tell me, my Dear."

"Where to start. My friends Jennifer, Angel, Gretchen, Vicki, Bill and myself are from the year 2010. Jennifer, Angel, Gretchen and I wanted to meet Jane Austen. So we went to see a psychic Madame Fiaria and she did a seance to contact Jane. We ended up here in the past. We got to meet Jane and are staying with her. We want to be here a little while longer but we want to go home someday soon. I have a husband in the present."

"My friends and I can help you get home. Fiaria is a descendant of mine. I know these things. I don't know everything about the future but we have a Fiaria, my cousin in our caravan and she is the great great great grandmother well too many greats but she is the ancestor of your present Fiaria. I am sorry you are married because I would be happy if you stayed here and became my Princess.

Megan was impressed. "Wow. You know Fiaria or I should say Fiaria in the persent. You can help me and my friends get back to the present. Where will you be when we are ready to go back?"

Manolito took a blue moon star out of his pocket and put in Megan's hand. "Just rub this stone when we aren't here and we will come back and send you to your time era. This stone will protect you and your friends. If you decide to stay in this time era, I would be happy. So did you go back to the past when the fire went out?"

"Yes, Jennifer and I did. We were at our jobs and then I was with my husband. Jennifer saw her roommate Jenny she stays with then we come back here."

"The secret to going back has to do with the fire going out, a spell and the stone. Since you have the stone, you won't be going back until you are ready and my people do the spell."

"Thanks, Manolito. You are so neat. You remind me of a famous handsome man in my time named Johnny Depp. I love him and I wish I could be with you but I love my husband. Johnny is my fantasy."

"I can be your fantasy." Manolito kissed Megan and Megan thought she had better go into the house. She pulled away.

"Manolito, I will see you in the morning. Thanks for everything. I need my beauty sleep."

"See you in the morning."

Jennifer felt guilty being with Calin. Bradley was coming over in the morning and she didn't feel right being with Calin.

Megan was headed towards the house so Jennifer told Calin she would talk to him tomorrow. Jennifer followed Megan.

Megan and Jennifer went into the house and Vicki, Bill, Gretchen and Angel were drinking tea.

Angel spoke first. "When the fire went out, where did you go?"

"Jennifer and I were back at work and some guy who lived there asked for cough syrup. I was home with Ray and I missed him and he had thought that I had left. He was hugging me and I ended up back with Manolito."

"I was with Megan and my roommate Jenny asked where I had been and said it was time for work and then I was back with Calin."

"Why didn't Angel and I go back with you?" Gretchen asked disappointed.

Megan didn't know. "Manolito said he can get us to the present anytime we want to go home. I told him about us and he gets it. Fiaria is a descendant of Madame Fiaria in our time. I always knew gypsies were cool. Gretchen, Angel, Vicki and Bill, you can probably go back anytime. Jennifer and I just aren't ready."

"Bill and I are in no hurry. When you are ready, we will be, too."

Angel and Gretchen agreed. Angel laughed and said:" I wish I could meet someone or two boyfriends like Megan and Jennifer have. Reminds me of the Beach Boys song: Two girls for every guy. In this case, two guys for each one of you." Megan threw a pillow at Angel.

Vicki said it was late and she and Bill were going to bed. So were Angel and Gretchen. Megan and Jennifer stayed up.

"What do we do? I have two guys and so do you. Johnny or Leo? Actually, I should just go home to Ray. I don't live in this time period. You. Who do you choose?"

"Bradley. Calin is great but Bradley will stay in one place. Gypsies don't."

"I am going to bed. As if I will be able to sleep." Megan sighed.

"I know what you mean, girlfriend. The gypsies can send us home. They won't stay long. How will we find them when the time comes?"

Megan pulled out the blue stone Manolito gave her. "With this. I rub the stone and they will be here. Manolito gave me this."

"That is pretty. I am glad we met the gypsies. I still want to see Bradley."

Let's go to our rooms. Tonight, we have seperate rooms. Bet you wish Bradley was here."

"Be nice. I am having a hard time being nice in the respect but Bradley doesn't behave that way."

"I bet our gypsy men do." Megan started singing "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves."

"Go to bed, Megan. See you in the morning."

Megan and Jennifer went to their rooms.

Megan kept dreaming of Manolito, Miles and Ray. She woke up and heard gypsy music. Their friends kept late hours. Jennifer dreamed of Bradley and Calin had kidnapped her and the two men fought a duel over her. As soon as she got up, she was going to have Bill take her back to Jane's to wait for Bradley.

It was morning and Megan and Jennifer got up and went downstairs. Vicki had made bacon, eggs and muffins. Megan and Jennifer filled out their plates. Angel and Gretchen were eating, too. The women were all dressed in dresses and they wished that they were wearing jeans but they had to behave like ladies.

"Bill, can you take me back to Jane's when I am done eating?"

"Sure. No problem." Bill said.

Angel and Gretchen decided to go back to Mrs. Riley's. So Bill was going to take them as well.

Just then, there were noises from the gypsy camp. Sounds like they were throwing pots and pans.

"They sure are noisey and entertaining." Vicki laughed.

"I had better go tell Calin good bye." Jennifer said.

"I am going to go see Manolito. I feel like I am seeing Johnny Depp or Captain Jack Sparrow."

"Just behave." Angel reminded her.

"I did. I went to bed in a bed in the house and no, Manolito wasn't with me." She mumbled to herself too bad.

"I heard that!" Jennifer said.

Megan left to go talk to Manolito and Jennifer left to go see Calin. The men bowed when they saw them.
Manolito ran over to Megan and kissed her cheek.

"How did you sleep?" Manolito asked.

"Alright." Megan wasn't about to tell him of the dreams she had about him and her husband and Miles.

Calin showed Jenn iferthe violin he had restrung. "Nice job." Jennifer said.

"Will you be spending the day with us?" Calin asked.

"No. I have to go home because I have plans. I will try to see you later on tonight." Calin was disappointed. He kissed Jennifer's cheek and wished her a fun day. Jennifer went back to the house. Just then Bill let Bradley in.

"What are you doing here? I was going to Jane's to wait for you."

"Jane said you were here. I bought Miles with me. Where is Megan? Why are gypsies camped out in the back?"

"They arrived last night. Megan is out back." Bradley grabbed Jennifer's hand and kissed it. "Shall we go?"

Jennifer nodded. Bradley led Jennifer to his carriage.

Manolito pushed the hair back from Megan's face and she smiled. She turned around and there was Miles.

"Hi, Miles. What are you doing here?"

"I came with Bradley. Jane said you and Jennifer were here with friends. Jennifer left with Bradley. I won't intrude." Miles started to walk away.

"Miles, wait." Miles turned around.

Megan took ahold of Miles hand. "This is Manolito. Manolito, this is Miles."

Miles said "Hello" but wasn't friendly. Manolito bowed.

"Manilito, if you will excuse me, I will be talking to my friend." Manolito nodded.

Megan and Miles went into the house. Megan motioned for Miles to sit down in a tapestry chair. Miles did.

"What is between you and the gypsy man?"

"He is a friend. He is entertaining." Megan didn't know what to say.

"He seems to like you. I can't blame him." Miles looked down on the floor.

"Miles, what would you like to do? We can ride horses. Vicki and Bill have horses."

"I thought you are married. Manolito seemed cozy with you. Do you use men?"

"No, I don't. Miles, I am married and I can't be in a relationship with anyone. We are friends. I am glad you are here. I care about you."

Miles got out of the chair and kissed Megan's hand. Megan really liked this Leo look alike. She liked her Johnny Depp look alike, too probably more then Miles. She was married but kissing Manolito had made her feel like she was cheating. Had the past changed her? Maybe she should go back to her own time. What was a girl to do?

Jennifer and Bradley were riding in the carriage. "Those gypsies? Did you talk to them?" Bradley asked.

"Yes. They were quite nice but I don't think Mr. Austen would like them in his back yard." Jennifer felt guilty kissing Calin. Bradley couldn't know about that.

"No, he wouldn't. What all do you want to do today?"

"See your tobacco plantation and sample some more tobacco."

Bradley smiled. "We can do that."

He stopped the carriage and pulled Jennifer in his arms for a long kiss. Jennifer liked kissing Bradley more then she did Calin. She could do this all day.

Bradley pulled back. "Let's get to my place. I am glad you are here with me. I love you, Jennifer."

"I love you, too, Bradley." Bradley and Jennifer kissed again.

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