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enter the world of spyro's love life
wrote it about 3/4 years ago so sorry for the cheesy details

Spyro's sex life

he went to bed and when he got there, he was surprised to find his Girlfriend laying there in a very sexy pose: Cynder!
Cynder just laid there when Spyro saw her wet pussy. The next thing Cynder knew Spyro was coming closer with a smile on his face. Cynder whispered to Spyro: “you want some action don't you?”
she knew that because just then she saw his cock fully erect.
Spyro nodded.
Cynder said: “Good because I'm feeling the exact same way! Now get over here and gimme some of that bone!”
Spyro slowly made his way down to her pussy. She was excited to see that Spyro was actually wanting to fuck her. As he made his way down to her pussy his mouth opened.
He began licking her pussy like crazy. She was moaning and groaning very loud. He whispered into her ear: “Are you having fun.” She calmly and sexily replied: “Yes.”
Spyro whispered back: “Great, now we can have some REAL fun!”
She replied, lost in lust: “Fuck me Spyro! Fuck me ‘till I want no more!”
he agreed and started fucking her. They started a steady and slow Rhythm. Spyro in, Cynder in as well. Spyro out, Cynder in the opposite direction, Cynder was shaking her Vagina to make it interesting all the while. They kept doing that for about an hour. Then they finally sped up when Cynder said: “Harder Spyro harder! Faster!”
Spyro started going faster and faster. Cynder was lost in lust and pleasure.
Spyro then said to his sexy mate: “I'm, I- I’m g-g-gonna c-CUM!!!!!!!!”
just then he climaxed and shot load after load of his dragon cum in to her pussy sending Cynder over the edge and making her cum as well. They both sat there in the afterglow of their sex. It was beautiful….


It was now well past twelve fifteen and it had been a long night. Spyro and Cynder were still going. Cynder made Spyro get out of her pussy so she could start sucking his dick; Spyro was pleased to hear this. As he got out he noticed that they were both covered in each others love juices. Cynder started to suck Spyro’s sexy cock.
Spyro looked down at his dick and it was all slimy and wet, as was cynder's georgous pussy…. As Cynder was sucking Spyro's cock he was licking her pussy again they were both moaning from the intense pleasure.
Cynder started going faster and bobbing her head up and down and then Spyro could not take it anymore and then climaxed for the second time.
Cynder drank all the cum that he released, and after they had finished, they licked each other clean and went to sleep.
Before they fell asleep spyro said to his mate, Cynder: “ Oh, my Ancestors! That! Was! Fun!” He said, pronouncing each word like it was its own sentence…
the next morning when spyro woke up he was surprised to see his mate laying there in a very seductive pose.
he asked her a question, as he was confused: “What? didn't you get enough last night Cynder?”

She said to him: “You are right, last night WAS fun. But I oh so want more.” (Jiggles boobs and shakes body in a very sexy and shameless manner.) she added in a very seductive tone: “Come and fuck me A-big a boy!”
Spyro immediately became aroused and started fucking the heck out of her. “More Spyro! More!!!!!!!!! FUCK MY BRAINS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Cynder shouted.
Spyro started going faster and harder.
Spyro and Cynder were both panting heavily when spyro had the most powerful orgasm of his life once he and Cynder had calmed down he leaned aganist cynder and said i love you and let sleep take over.

i'd like to thank horror master for helping me get make this story less suckish this story and more detailed thanks again cya
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