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all about evangeline
Once there was a girl called Evangeline Summers.She was smart, beautiful and most importantly had a very kind heart.It was not it her nature to see people in despair.She always strove to make her small world a better place.

    She lived in a small tinsel town of the French Polynesia islands.She always loved her town because it was where she could buy the world's best tomatoes and avocados.She felt proud of being a Polynesian! She looked very much like a islander. She was fair,had dark curly brunette hair and there was nothing ordinary of her.The fellow girls in the tinsel-town were very envious of her looks.Her fair skin created a sharp contrast to her immense dark black eyes.She nowhere near ugly.Her attitude had made her the most loved one among the Polynesians.

    Her family comprised of papa and he meant the world to her.She never had many friends and she never felt like having them. In fact she never felt the need to be with friends because she had matured at a very young age.Her mama died when she was an infant leaving her to be responsible of her father.Her father was at first very sweet but as years passed by without his beloved he grew restless!He had become a very drunkard and used to smoke 3-4 pipes a day.She never liked this but her father was all she got.There was mrs.lily who had been lately appointed to theirs family by the medical council on account of her papa's condition.She was kind and helped Evangeline in her day-to-day chores and would happily tend to the daily errands.

  Once she was off to the local bazaar to but her favourite tomatoes when on her way back she stumbled upon a cute chihuahua.The cute pug was lying at a corner and was whimpering quietly.Seeing his plight she felt saddened and was immediately reminded of her condition.She felt immediately fell in love with the cute dog and decided to give him her shelter.She bought on her way,some cabbage and lettuce leaves and from her saved shillings and went to carry her.She decided to call her Evee as it represented her.

  She was very nervous to carry her pet back home as she feared her father's refusal!She decided to not let him go orphan and was determined to same.Such was her nervousness,she almost dropped her small bag of tomatoes she was carrying!On the way she decided enough ways to counter papa's refusal and kept jerking to reality every time she pictured her papa's NO.She was so shocked picturing her papa's disapproval that she almost cried two buckets.But she was adamant and consoled herself that this was the time to stand for what she felt was right!

    The way back home was two miles away and it added to her misery!She wanted to make herself believe small family which included her papa,mrs.lily and the new found Evee!

  Alas!maybe if this didn't happened?What would happen to Evee?She went on pondering with agony on her every step towards her home when finally she saw the pale grey roof of her house from far away!

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