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Kayla had her makeover from Brittany and unsure as to how the other students will react
Kayla came into school the next day, looking the same as the way Brittany left her.
The usual noise in the entrance was now silent, people’s mouths opened and a round of applause came from everyone as Kayla walked to her locker.

Kayla: I don’t know what to say, nobody normally notices me but all eyes seemed to be on me this morning.
Brandon: And doesn’t it feel totally awesome?
Kayla: Yes and it’s all thanks to Brittany.
Brandon: It’s a Thursday so you know she’ll drag you to Gymnastics.
Kayla: Yes she will and that’s exactly what I wanted, I’d like to be flexible, that’s why I asked her to let me join the team.
Brandon: Oh yes I remember now and she said she’d try and get me on the Soccer team, I have to see Christopher for tryouts today, do you want to go with me?
Kayla: All the support you can get, you’ll probably get from me.
Brandon: Thank-you Kayla, I knew you’d never change.
Kayla: I hope you don’t mean that in a bad way.

Brittany arrived, feeling rather good with her new achievement.

Brittany: Kayla I’m so proud of you, Victoria  bet AU$10 you’d revert back to your old self by morning but you look like your in this for the long run and this will start with meeting the Gymnastics squad.
Kayla: As long as we can rest from seeing Victoria, I can’t believe she’s making bets on me.
Brandon: I’d let Joshua keep her, she’s meaner than she looks.
Brittany: Maybe she just seem to have little faith in me, how can I invent Teen Horse Companions if I don’t know what I am doing.
Kayla: I have no idea.
Brittany: Of course you don’t, it was a rhetorical question, was that a yes to Gymnastics?
Kayla: Yes I’ll meet them.
Brittany: Then break time I’ll take you to the Gymnasium and we’ll get you acquainted.
Brandon: What about Soccer.
Brittany: I haven’t seen Christopher so I’ll continue to make time to see him but no false promises.
Brandon: That’s all I could ask for.
Kayla: Are they a nice bunch of people, the Gymnasts in your squad?
Brittany: They’re very respectable and you should find them very easy going and they’ll accept you right away.

Brittany took Kayla to the Gym at break time and Brittany's star girl Stephanie couldn’t believe her luck.

Stephanie: I’m surprised she turned out so well, I don’t like competition, I’m Brittany’s star girl in the Gymnastics squad and that’s the way I like it.
Brittany: Don’t panic Kayla won’t change things, she’s just here to improve things.
Stephanie: I am not so sure Brittany, you’re not 1 for making mistakes I hope you’re right.
Kayla: I don’t mean no harm, I’m just here to improve my popularity.
Stephanie: This is the way to do it but you are beautiful, what will they see in me now?
Brittany: I like you both and I hope you’ll manage to get on for a while.
Kayla: Victoria’s already jealous of me, I hope Stephanie gets no ideas.
Stephanie: No I don’t, there’s enough kids here to be popular and may the best girl win.
Kayla: Win what to ask such a question.
Stephanie: The most popularity of course,
Brittany: Give it a rest, you 2 are at each others throats, listen Gymnastics group Kayla is now the prettiest and we want no harsh feelings about it.
Kayla: I really should get back to Brandon.
Brittany: OK then, off you go.

Kayla headed to Brandon in the Cafeteria, she watched him eat because she didn’t want to ruin her new dress.

Brandon: Are you going to resent to drinking soup through a straw.
Kayla: I feel Stephanie isn’t happy with me, hated by a girl in grade 9, she said I was now the prettiest girl in Gymnastics and I think she’s a little jealous.
Brandon: She’s right to be, don’t concern yourself with a 13 year old, I’m sure Brittany will hold the pieces.
Kayla: I’m OK, people will take a long time to adjust to the new me, I hope I don’t get out of hand, I must stay looking perfect at all times, you understand don’t you.
Brandon: Yes I do, in Soccer it’s not that easy, hair bounces up all the time, you get covered in mud, people jump on you.
Kayla: Then I’ll be happy to stay on the sideline, don’t even think of asking me to come on the Soccer pitch, it’ll probably damage my well-being.
Brandon: OK I won’t ask.
Kayla: There is a safe place for me to stand so I have no doubt about watching you.

Brandon and Kayla were now at the Astroturf and Christopher came to meet them, after all he wanted to admire Kayla’s new look.

Christopher: Hello Brandon, my assistant is elsewhere so if you want to pick up a Soccer ball and try dribbling round the cones that’ll suppress to starters.

Brandon carried on with Christopher’s instructions.

Christopher: Now Kayla how cute do you look, if you still manage to hold onto that ‘til May I may ask you to Junior prom.
Kayla: I wouldn’t hold out for so long, I’ll be snapped up fast now word has spread so you better get in fats.
Christopher: And to think once upon a time you might have got in the Soccer team.
Kayla: Those days are behind me, the future for Brandon is in Soccer, I’ll stick to show jumping it will get me up in the world.
Christopher: Good for you, it’s nice to open new doors.
Kayla: I am proud of how I am now and nothing is going to change.
Christopher: I’m glad to hear it, don’t you think Brandon is talented?, look how talented his feet are.

Christopher turned to Brandon.

Christopher: Excellent Brandon, now try and shoot some penalties.
Kayla: I like his feet.
Christopher: How did you manage to change, you were so reluctant in the past.
Kayla: The whole self confidence thing was all to do with the fact I was a childish about holding on.
I never liked wearing dresses because I was nervous and frail and Brittany managed to convince me that I hung with the wrong crowds and that I was holding myself back for so long.
Christopher: I am going to put Brandon in the team, we don’t want to loose talent like that.

Christopher brought Brandon over to tell him some good news.

Christopher: I’ve never seen such skill from a kid in grade 11, Brandon if you weren’t in the team I feel we’d fail so I have no choice but to say you are a member of the Soccer team.
Brandon: Thank you, I won’t let you down.
Christopher: Come back at lunchtime and I’ll sort you out with some Soccer kit.
Brandon: Can do.
Kayla: What about lunch with Brittany.
Brandon: She’ll excuse me for a little while.
Kayla: If you’re sure, she does like you and she’ll ask you on a date before long.

Brandon and Kayla headed to class, then it was lunch and Brandon had to explain to Brittany why he had to go to see Christopher again.

Brittany: Hello everyone, I hope everyone has had a good morning.
Kayla: Yesterday I did, I got 2 gold stars for an intense knowledge of Photosynthesis.
Brittany: I’m proud of you, you’re adorable but still a geek.
Kayla: I resent that, Brandon has to go to the Astroturf because he made the Soccer team and Christopher has to get him a shirt, shorts, socks and football boots.
Brittany: These male sports are so complicated, it ain’t complicated getting into Gymnastics you only have to wear a leotard, the dress code isn’t half as demanding we have no proper dress code rule.
Brandon: I respect their high standards, I have to go now so I’ll try and be back before the end of lunch.
Kayla: I’ll stay here, me and Brittany have to discuss her tactics for the Gymnastics squad..

Brandon leaves feeling Kayla is neglecting him.

Brittany: We don't need tactics just 100% perfection.
Kayla: I understand but don’t we need to decide what everyone else should be doing.
Who is doing forward or backward rolls, the cartwheels, who is going on the apparatus, the pole vault, the trapeze, how many mats do we need?
Brittany: When you put it like that we have to get sorted.
Victoria: It can’t be that difficult.
Brittany: Victoria, you try and take charge, you’d soon change your mind.
Joshua: It ain’t easy, I know it ain’t easy.
Zachary: Very musical have you considered joining our glee club, we have a very good show choir at school.
Brittany: I considered it once myself but life is too over condensed to consider joining a show choir.

Roxie had a secret and nobody but her new friend Dylan had his suspicions but he hadn’t proved a thing.
Roxie flipped her long orange hair and Dylan knew something was up.

Dylan: Roxie, spill the beans.
Roxie: I’m nervous about starting school here, you’ve been here 1 year but I’m new to grade 8 here in Canberra.
Dylan: You haven’t moved far, you’ll fit in, in no time at all.
Roxie: Dylan, I know you  don’t trust me but it is for the best.

Brittany was eating Fish fingers with her friends in the Cafeteria/restaurant at school, the chips were freshly made that morning from potatoes.

Kayla: I like Brandon but only as a friends, he’s cute but I’ll never date him.
Brittany: I would but school has just started, I need to adapt to the usual school routine, I get all mixed up with my punctuality during the holidays.
Joshua: I follow the same schedule, I just replace the school part with something more fun.
Zachary: Nicely said, Cricket is more fun than school if we could take A-levels in it, we’d be halfway to making the Australian national team and playing 5 day series against England.
Brittany: 1 day that’ll happen but not for another 10 years, you need to snap out of it and back into reality.
Victoria: I can’t see it myself.
Kayla: I have made many plans and even if you wanted me, you can’t have me.
Joshua: We did want you on the team but we know you differently now and will let you stick to more girlier sports.
Kayla: That doesn’t concern me in the slightest, Brittany knows what’s best for me even if Stephanie is a mean girl.
Brittany: I'll put her back into controllable.
Kayla: That sounds good, how long before I’m Star Girl?
Brittany: I’d say a year if Stephanie's to go by, if you manage to get us in competitions or winning trophies than I may consider it in less than 1 year, you’ve only just come of your shell, I would rush anything.
Kayla: A girl can’t dream, can’t she.
Brittany: Yes but stay a float and don’t over complicate things.
Victoria: Are you looking forward to the riding this weekend.
Kayla: I’m a little shy or nervous.
Victoria: Don’t worry we’ll help you fit in and Teen Horse Companions will go far.
Kayla: I am happy as Brittany is always here to help.
Brittany: I’m not a millionairess for nothing, I give back to society, look how much money I spent on you, the dress set me back about AU$1000, I spent AU$200 on the hair, AU$100 on the shoes, AU$100 on the make-up and about AU$100 on accessories so you are practically valuable now.
Victoria: That is not mentioning the Horse riding fees but she’s grateful to you, that is why she happily spent 1000’s on you.
Kayla: I could be just like you.
Brittany: Not exactly, your brunette, I’m blonde, it’s nice to be able to tell the difference, it shows I'm a princess and you almost are.
Kayla: And how do I become a princess?
Brittany: Metaphorically you are but officially to become 1 you need to find a certain understanding of your new found image.
Kayla: I understand the new me but I feel others have a lot to learn.
Joshua: Well I respect you and so does everyone else, as soon as you wear a tiara you’ll become a princess for sure.
Victoria: You can’t wear a dress for show jumping, I hope Brittany has something else planned.
Brittany: Yes I do, I'll give it to you Saturday morning.
You’ll look so smart in jodhpurs and riding boots.
Kayla: Suddenly all the pressure is at an all time low.
Zachary: I know I’ve kept quiet for a long time but there is no reason for Kayla to be dead confident, she just has to fake it for he time being.
Kayla: That would make it so easy, thanks Zachary that could make a different.
Brittany: If it was that easy I’d have done it myself.
Victoria: Speaking of fancy headwear when is your latest project going to wear some.
Brittany: You know Tiaras are too valuable for school, I could ask her to come to the party on Friday night.
Zachary: Don’t you need a date.
Brittany: I think so but we always have a dummy in the cellar if no-one asks her.
Victoria: Everyone will ask her, they just won’t know about the party.
They don’t just let anyone in.
Brittany: Then tell every boy  you know, we must get Kayla a date to prove she  is ready to join me for a busy social life.

Dylan paced up and down and walked off from Roxie, she was being difficult and he didn’t know why.
She had to be holding something from him, he had ways of deducting a suspicious character.

Roxie: Come back, I think you’re being a bit annoying, why do you suspect me of having a secret, you hardly know me.

Dylan came back but still stood 1 metre from Roxie.

Dylan: I don’t know, I just have a feeling and I don’t know where it has come from, it’s not like I’m physic.
Roxie: Neither am I, let’s change the subject, my name is Roxie and I used to live in Queensland until 3 months ago, my dad got a job transfer so the whole family decided to move with him.
Dylan: That's so terrible having to leave your friends behind.
Roxie: I can always make new 1’s.
Dylan: I am so sorry, I haven’t got off to the best start with you, suspecting you of things, you’re a normal girl and why did I think otherwise.
Roxie: It’s understandable, being the new girl you get used to it but I’m no different and people will learn to accept that.
Dylan: I will stop now, well we are all pleased to have you here in Canberra.
Roxie: I gratefully accept, shall we go for milkshakes?
Dylan: Yes, that would be great.
Roxie: What flavours do they do?
Dylan: Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, toffee, banana and turron.
Roxie: A nice vivid selection, I’m gonna love it here, I have never been so sure in my lifetime.

Roxie and Dylan head for milkshakes and stand in the queue, Dylan notices something round Roxie’s neck.

Dylan: That’s a nice necklace.
Roxie: Yes but the crystal is very fragile so please be careful.
Dylan: I know what I’m doing.
Roxie: It lights up when I tap it, it changes colour upon mood changing, it turns pink when I’m happy like now.
Dylan: How sweet, how did you get it?
Roxie: It was given to me by my Grandma.
She says it’s antique and I should look after it to avoid damage, otherwise it would de-value.
Dylan: Do you know what I’m thinking.
Roxie: No.
Dylan: Well you don’t have telekinesis.
Roxie: Pack it in, your suspecting me again, I’m normal when will you learn.
Dylan: I didn’t mean anything by it, I was just wounding you up, anymore things you want to tell me?
Roxie: Dad works for Australia post, he’s not a post person, he just sorts the mail.
Dylan: I think we’re at the front of the queue now.

Roxie and Dylan both ordered chocolate milkshakes and went to sit don.
Brittany looked over to tell Kayla about the new girl.

Brittany: See that ginger haired girl, her names Roxie, she is 12 and in grade 8.
Kayla: She looks wonderful, such posture.
Brittany: I overhead Dylan say he thinks Roxie has a secret.
She obviously denied it but I doubt Dylan is ever wrong.
Kayla: He could be wrong this time.
Brittany: Maybe but if Roxie really has a secret I’ll find out, Brittany St Claire doesn’t miss a trick.
Zachary: What’s with that hair, she hasn’t even styled it.
Victoria: Brittany, offer to do it for her in exchange for the truth.
Joshua: I think we’re overreacting.
Brittany: Didn’t you hear how much noise she made when he touched her crystal, I’d do the same but it must be behind the so-called secret.
Kayla: It did light up and can change colour, maybe it does hold some power.
Victoria: There’s 1 way to suss this out.
Joshua: Crikey, how do we do it?
Brittany: I have an ingenious plan, listen up this is a good 1.
She doesn’t know us well so we can be devious.
Kayla: We can all take it in turn asking questions, making friends with her and we’ll be ready when she tries to avoid anything
Brittany: Good, you get more like me by the day.
Joshua: how many possible secrets have we thought of.
Victoria: I think it was 18 last count and who wants to do the honours?
Kayla: I’ll do it.
Brittany: Good luck.

Kayla went over to Roxie and Dylan.

Kayla: Hello Dylan.
Dylan: I heard about your makeover and wow what a result.
Kayla: Thank you and who is this?
Dylan: She’s called Roxie.
Kayla: Hello Roxie, do you like swimming?

With that Roxie ran out into the hall and started crying.

Dylan: What happened there.
Kayla: I don’t know, was it something I said.

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