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This is a tribute delivered at the funeral service for the late Delroy Simpson.
Tribute to: Delroy Simpson
By: Claude Simpson

To: family, friends, onlookers, and others; I wish for you all a very pleasant day.
I feel and deem it an honor to be here to come and say a final goodbye.
Today we are gathered here to bid farewell to a special person: a son, an uncle, a grand uncle, a cousin, a brother and to many a friend in Delroy Simpson aka Bredda or Saxxon.

Saxxon grew up as a sickly child and because of his illness he did not complete his elementary education. He became healthier as he went through his adolescence period up to adulthood but was at times hampered with Epilepsy and Seizure disorders. He was very active and was willing to take on any manual task and so he earned the nickname ‘Saxxon’.  Saxxon liked farming and so he would make a livelihood.
Saxxon was very compassionate and kind and was extremely fond of his family. To Saxxon the most important thing that he had was us, his family. Though he may never have said it out loud I knew that he was really proud of us, especially his sisters.
Saxxon was very kindhearted and unassumingly quiet unless provoked. He could be rather temperamental especially when there was a disagreement. On whatever scale of thought though, he and I could always reason as there was this depth of understanding and brotherly bond.

Saxxon may have meant something to each and every one of you but personally he was my friend. I remembered as a youngster when I used to walk home from Tavern Hill to Castle Kelley during the late hours at nights returning from school; I could always call on Saxxon to accompany me. I could talk to him about anything because he would never judge me, he would just listen. Saxxon was such a character; he knew when to be serious and also when he could joke around. He could be very immature at times but that’s just because he was still a child inside a man’s body.

People! This is indeed a sad day for us but Saxxon’s time has come and I firmly believed that sharing our grief would help us ease our burdens. Let’s just be thankful for all the special moments that Saxxon has left us and with that, I hope my brother will continue to live on within our hearts and minds.
……May his soul rest in peace.  RIP.
…..Sept.25, 2010

Claude Simpson delivered a tribute at the funeral service for the late Delroy Simpson. Delroy Simpson was rather sickly and he died on a warm September morning of heart failure at his home in the district of Dillon Town. He was buried on September 25, 2010.
Delroy’s life was spent residing in a small district by the name of Dillon Town which is located in the southeastern section of Saint Ann, Jamaica. Dillon Town is surrounded by adjoining districts: Tavern Hill, Blackstonedge and Castle Kelly.
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