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The forgotten victims
It looks out of place in the shop,

         and has a bruised reed on top.

The decorations are kind of odd,

         with people seeming to prod.

Curiosity got the best of me,

         I need a closer look at this tree.

Underneath, there are no presents or games.

         I see only a few lights, and a lot of names.

They scatter all over - hit and miss,

         looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas.

Tags cover the tree, as my eyes began to scan,

         so I pulled one off and saw the name Dan.

It read alcohol, drugs, divorce, prisons, homeless,

         to all of these little Dan was a witness.

His Dad was in prison, and his Mom 'burned out' on drugs.

         The little guy hates Christmas - never a gift or hugs.

After wondering what happened to generosity,

         I realized God was answering my curiosity.

Tucking the tag in my wallet,

         I couldn't wait to shop with it.

Tell the lad about the Gospel way,

         giving a gift from a Dad - who's only away.

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